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How to use WhatsApp and its advantages and disadvantages

What's WhatsApp?

How to use WhatsApp and its advantages and disadvantages

WhatsApp is one of the most important social media applications in our day, who does not use whatsapp daily ! And that's because it's a special app that gives us a lot of privacy.

 Spread the program alwats August significantly over the past two years, making him at the forefront lie this software for any mobile phone of any kind whatever specs.

Introduction to WhatsApp

Everyone who is far from the world of mobile smartphones must have eavesdropped repeatedly and frequented in front of him the name “WhatsApp” a lot among his colleagues, such as hearing the phrase “send me alwats August” or “I will send you photos on alwats ” August” and other phrases related to this wonderful program. What is WhatsApp and how it works and what distinguishes it from similar applications, that's what we will look at in our topic here.

Full definition of WhatsApp

It is that program that managed to summarize all the characteristics of chat programs that we have known on computers and make it into one mobile application in hand via mobile device, that is, it is a social media program and chat. 

Through it you can communicate with the far and the near and everyone who owns the same software on their mobile device, whatever their location, near you or even at the far end of the Earth. The work of the program requires only enabling it to connect to the internet. 

To keep you in constant and immediate contact with the person you love to text with.

The program in its default description is free does not ask for a physical fee to work on your mobile phone. So what does his name Whatsapp?

The program name is inspired by the English phrase rolling stock on the tongue young Wahts up, which means what's up or what's up or what you have to tell, the name came after the American Brian Acton and Ukrainian

Jen Kom, who were employees of Yahoo on separate work in 2009 to be their beginnings with their own work and to become Whatsapp the most downloaded software on the internet since. 

Created and most of the programs that record every now and then, the number of messages exchanged between users exceeded 27 billion daily messages, " according to Wikipedia.

These frightening numbers indicate the success of this partnership and the acceptance and satisfaction of users for its product Whatsapp, just imagine if these messages for a material return the user has to pay the company, if we assume that the message in " cents”

One , that cost is multiplied by 27 billion daily messages! I believe that the annual income of the owners of the application will exceed the wages of all the players of the Spanish Liga combined!؟. And then we don't need to ask what WhatsApp is.

What is alwats August, and what is distinguished by alwats August from other applications

The application works on all types of mobile phones and tablets and can be installed on Windows systems in a special way we have referred to here

It works on devices Samsung Watts HTC and LG all models that are running Android, including tablets and even if not, these setups original of origin or issued by international companies, the program can be installed on any device running Android OS even if the Chinese factory.

The application also works on Symbian

 systems and iPhone phones and each of them has a special version,and also works on BlackBerry devices,

We have referred in a separate thread to the link Lotus-up for BlackBerry.

You can browse the download site of the application to see the latest versions and compatible devices.

What WhatsApp features

The program is characterized by the ease of use we did not find or hear that anyone is difficult to deal with or with his options, the user can and through the application when installed that works to send text messages and picture to his friends. 

Individually or collectively and with one message. It can take photos via phone camera and send them directly as well as with video files and voice messages.

Some may think that the absence of the option to communicate with others via video communication is what the program lacks, as you enjoy offering similar applications on this option. But it's not that difficult for the app-goers.

They did not think they do, but the popularity of the program and how the messages received by the server that works through the application of alwats August which exceeded billions loads big on these servers make from the provision of property

Video communication needs more time and processing is not its tnow. now.

How to communicate with others the lowest cost

In order for the application to work on your mobile phone, your phone must be in Internet connection mode whether this connection via prepaid internet packages or via Wifi.

They are two options that no one is missing in this period and the technological leap that all countries are trying to catch up with.

When you first install the application, you will be asked for your phone number and the device on which the program will work.

 To work then by contacting his server and then sending the Activation Code to your, then the program will automatically display the list of names that you have and that you can message with those of friends, of course you will be able to do so with everyone who has the application of alwats August on his device and this.

Solve the problem of number verification code in WhatsApp?

Some may face the problem of checking his phone number and the activation message is delayed in Arrival, and to solve this problem you have to start typing your phone

 number correctly and confirm the country code that you follow, and then if not verified the program will display the help options, the most important of which is communication with the technical support of the. 

What is WhatsApp profit

What profits did WhatsApp make?

Yes, WhatsApp wins twice as much as it did before Facebook bought it , Facebook paid about WhatsApp 16 billion to buy Watts ! Do you think that this is just in vain not at all still WhatsApp makes profits estimated billions a year enough to meet all the needs of the company from developers, engineers, servers and other things needed to develop and improve the quality of the work of the application .

How does WhatsApp win ?

WhatsApp profit through the use of user data Facebook company has developed a smart system that works with "artificial intelligence" where it collects information about users of the application from the phone number

 and personal photos in addition to the words that he talks about inside a message with his friends to then make classifications of interests , and then these data are linked to the owners of those accounts. 

Didn't you ever notice that you talked to your friend about something and you just happened to see a similar ad when you talked about it on Facebook? Yes, this happens .

How to use WhatsApp and its advantages and disadvantages

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