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What is healthy eating for young and adult husky, foods to avoid for Siberian huskies

 What is healthy eating for young and adult husky, foods to avoid for Siberian huskies

What is healthy eating for young and adult husky, foods to avoid for Siberian huskies

Food is the key to having a strong, healthy, intelligent and energetic dog, but the problem lies in the quality of food provided to dogs. 

Food sources have varied according to the dog's type, age, size and health problems, but Consulting a nutritionist is the best solution, we will mention some foods that belong to the husky dog, from Husky puppies to an adult dog. 

We will also mention the food to avoid for your dog, which may lead to his complete deterioration of health, especially in the first 6 months.

The best food for husky dogs

Before proceeding to the topic of the best food for husky dogs, you will take characteristics and information about the breed.

Information about the Siberian Husky breed

Husky dogs, or known as Siberian huskies and due to their name for the skis that transport in the northern regions, husky dogs drag these skis over long distances and in difficult conditions. 

The breed was able to challenge the difficult climatic conditions and extreme cold, gained strength, patience and great intelligence in catching prey, by husky dogs the northern regions became a tourist area par excellence, Husky drag visitors in skis.

Characteristics of husky dogs

One of the most important good characteristics found in the Husky breed is strength, patience and intelligence, and do not forget about its beautiful and magnificent appearance, with a beautiful coat color and smooth hair and easy grooming. 

Husky has gray, black, copper, red and white colors mixed with black. 

  • The male is 54 to 60 cm tall, and the weight is 20 to 27 kg for adult dogs, while Husky puppies vary according to age.

  • Female Huskies are 51 to 54 cm long, weight without pregnancy from 17 to 22 kg, pregnant Huskies can reach up to 30 kg. 

Husky is a peaceful dog who loves children and hunting, walking and running are their hobbies, they never behave aggressively, training them is easy for small puppies but for adult dogs it is very difficult.

What is healthy eating for young and adult husky, foods to avoid for Siberian huskies

What to know in Husky before he gave them food

Husky dogs or other dogs, you must know the breed, its history and family record, it is very important to know the genetic and acquired diseases that your dog may be exposed to, in this case you can avoid foods that may pose a danger to his health. 

You should also know the dog's correct weight and age, the amount of exercise he does, and also know how much rest he is comfortable as it is a source of energy for him and to build his muscles. 

It is good to know how long it takes for dogs to get tired, sleep and hunt, and when they want to eat and train, all this information is very useful in providing healthy food and the right amount depending on age and gender. 

Also organize time for your dog to play and grooming daily and weekly, and take care of his teeth because they are his source of energy and digest and chew to eat. 

pay more attention to Husky because he is a sensitive, strong and intelligent dog, do not neglect him or leave him alone, may eat unhealthy food or gain weight and become.

Nutrition guide for husky dogs

It is best to know the guide to healthy nutrition for your husky dog, it is a dog that needs a lot of calories to grow his body and effort. 

If you have a husky puppy, you have to put a calendar in which to tie the dog with its food and effort. :

Nutrition guide for adult husky dogs (adults)

If you own an adult husky dog, you have passed the large part of earning a strong and healthy dog, because raising husky puppies is the most difficult in terms of grooming and feeding, and in terms of training is easier than adult husky dogs.


You can feed a mature Husky twice a day, counting the amount of rest and effort spent each day, do not forget about fresh and pure water because they are dogs that make a great effort. 

Give your dog high-quality food that is recognized by a doctor or well-known international companies, what to follow :

 Feed the Husky weighing 17 kg :

From 263 grams to 411 gallons per day depending on the daily activity and construction of the dog, especially task dogs, which drag skis and do hunting.


 Feeding husky dogs weighing 24 kg :

From 286 to 434 grams a day depending on activity and also muscle construction.


Feeding husky dogs weighing 26 kg :

From 301 grams to 462 days depending on activity and muscle construction. 

Don't forget the most important thing to monitor rest time, and a place to sleep, lose teeth easy because they are based on the speed of the digestion of food. 

Weigh your dog every week to see the results, from the best position of the family book for the dog contains the age of the dog, the amount of its activity and eating, especially the type of exercises and do not forget the monthly examination of the husky at a specialist zoologist.

Check these things out before giving young Huskies or adults food

Before you take any action to feed your dog, you need to know things that are the basics of having a good dog :

The food that you give your dog, natural and other industrial products and dry food, should be varied, experts recommend carefully studying the composition of these products and giving full preference, which belong to the premium and superpremium category. 

Giving white, red and bacon meat alone is not enough, because the nutritional balance contains all the elements, it is better to have a small amount of cereals and a little salt present in his daily diet, raw, boiled and semi-cooked meat can be given over a warm fire or in warm water as well. 

Vegetables, small fish, chicken eggs and animal dairy products are also the best things to give to your dog, cooked rice or wheat. 

Heavily smoked and salty foods should be excluded, foods rich in sugar and sweets all affect it negatively. 

Meat makes up 70 percent of your dog's diet, so focus on it too, while chicken eggs, vegetables and milk are best in significant quantities.

What is healthy eating for young and adult husky, foods to avoid for Siberian huskies

Favorite foods for adult husky dogs

Choose your favorite foods These according to their source, and special place and footprint of the dog, please, who lives in the Arctic is not like hasky in warm areas. 

If you disagree, consult an animal therapist to guide you, we will mention the most important foods that dogs like in general, which will make your dog healthy and strong.

Dry food ground:

Dry food or food ground, is the food, normal, large, but artificial and leaving, it is advised when you buy the control end of the history of food and its components, and choose which owns the largest calories and proteins. 

Known to have dogs chase she loves him because of the ease of chewing, and possesses many benefits in the body, maintains teeth has frequency White harmful. 

One of the advantages of dry food is that you find it cheap, and you can keep it for as long as possible in the refrigerator, and its preparation is easy and does not cost you fatigue and time.

Wet or canned food:

The advantage of wet food is that it is high quality but at a very high price, compared to dry food, and it has a good advantage that its shelf life is long. 

From its highly protein ingredients, where it is easy to absorb into the dog's digestive wall, this is considered the best food for huskies because they make daily exertion that helps them greatly. 

Wet food contains a high content of water, because water improves digestion in the abdomen and does not affect your dog, all experts advise this food, but most people can not buy it for its high price and use natural or home-made food.

Semi-wet food:

Semi-wet food in the Husky diet is not completely dependent, it is only served during aerobics to motivate the dog to perform tasks or exercises. 

Round pieces of meat or burgers made specifically for dogs are rich in processed flavors that give a delicious aroma.

Home food:

It is the food that is prepared every day at home, because of the fear of the owner of the husky from the food provided by companies, so the food is healthy and high quality but takes the effort and time in the daily preparation. 

What's not good about home food is not knowing how much protein, fat, and other things that degrade balanced food, that if you want to prepare Husky food yourself you must be fully aware that the food is balanced and does not lack anything.

Food raw:

I love and the best food for husky dogs is raw food why, because you find it natural it is fresh and fresh meat, you find it still contains blood and bones, it is rich in calcium and phosphorus, two substances that Husky desperately needs. 

Also in terms of digesting raw food is very easy, because Husky's intestines and abdomen contain strong enzymes and acids, it has a great ability to digest. 

This type of food is highly recommended, but it is expensive and expensive, but if your dog catches his food the same, it is better and prettier.

Special food:

You only use special Husky food if you have a particular disease, you go to the pet Doctor Who gives you a recipe or ingredients to prepare a meal for your dog, for example it is rich in calcium or does not contain many proteins. 

This may be an allergy or genetic or rare condition, which may be lifelong or for a certain period until your dog is completely cured.

Other types of Husky foods

The husky dog needs other types of food and food, in addition to what we mentioned these foods may well help him grow and gain great energy:

Useful nitrous sources for Huskies

Plant sources will give a strong boost and positive energy to the Huskies, we mention them:

  • cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, and fresh wheat such as bread.
  • give the potato Husky without adding to it sugar, salt or fat. 
  • give some fresh fruits such as apples, but be careful that they contain seeds that may cause stomach burns. 
  • also peanuts, pistachios and natural nuts, that will add good energy to the Husky condition that they are unsalted.

Nutrition guide for Husky puppies

Husky's age is from two to two and a half months. :

205 beauty to 307 G depending on the structure of a puppy. 

Age of 3 months needs 327 G to 404 G depending on the structure of the puppy. 

Age of 4 months 364 G needs 444 G depending on the structure of the puppy. 

Age 6 months needs 406 G to 598 G depending on the structure of the puppy. 

8 months of age 403 G needs 645 G depending on the structure of the puppy. 

10 months needs of 376 grams to 608 grams depending on the structure of the puppy.

12 months has 335 grams to 501 grams depending on the structure of the puppy.

Age 14 months has 334 grams to 495 grams depending on the structure of the puppy.

From 16 months and more you can give your dog adult food, but gradually not one stroke and watch him well, did the food help him develop or still want puppy food.

The best food puppy husky 

  • If you own a husky puppy then your task is difficult, because the hardest thing is feeding health to a mighty Siberian puppy. 

We advise three months before the puppy's age, it is best to have his mother's milk with fresh water, grind egg whites and fresh and good meat to make it easier for him to eat, with a low fat that helps him to build great tissues fast and strong.

  •  After the first phase, which lasts from 15 days to 3 months, comes the bone and muscle building phase and the growth of teeth. 

A husky puppy needs to be fed 5 times a day, with 80 percent calcium, protein and fat content, to build a healthy base for puppy growth. 

  • When the dog reaches the age of 6 months it is good to feed the husky puppy 3 times a day, with walking, light training and daily grooming of the puppy, monitoring his teeth every week, weight and nails everything related to his body in the first 6 months should be monitored. 

  • After 6 months make a full day menu that follows you to a certain age:

In the morning period is recommended dairy products and a little calcium and fat, egg white is also greatly beneficial to the bones and facilitates digestion.

Healthy nutrition these should be structured program from the beginning until you have hasky deep and strong, and for a good recommended (for natural), dry food, canned food :

Natural food for Husky puppy :

Natural food is one of the best and most expensive foods, it takes you money and time, but on the other hand having a healthy good dog.


You set a daily healthy eating calendar that you cook at home, it should be balanced, it is better to contain meat and fish in small quantities, add to it cooked rice and monitor the amount consumed at each meal. 

Also relatively cooked poultry is good for Husky puppies, give him from 10 to 13 pieces per month until he gets used to it.


In case of fear or doubt that you are cooking food on your own, consult a doctor or nutritionist, that everyone who relies on themselves in preparing meals finds it difficult to balance the amounts of food, it is difficult to determine the proteins, calcium, fat and fat that he needs on your own.

Dry food for Husky puppy :

For dry food for Husky puppy is not recommended much, when buying it focus on its high protein and fat content, give it only one dry meal every day, with walking and running for good digestion, in case it starts to increase its size than usual stop dry food and focus on natural food. 

To serve dry food do not forget to put clean mineral water next to it, or boil dry food in the water and serve it cold, it may be the right food for the dog. 

If you see your dog is not eating too much dry food know that it has become boring for him, it should be replaced with natural or canned food, should not mix in food it is better to consult before changing his diet.

Canned food for Husky youngsters :

Canned food for young Huskies yes good, I have recently diversified companies classifying canned food for animals, but giving it to a dog must be thoughtful, see well how much calcium and protein is in the can. 

Try to buy food specific to your dog's type and age well, when serving food do not forget about good water. 

Beware of Colored Food added to it artificial enhancers, it may adversely affect the puppy's digestive system. 

Consult a doctor if necessary because husky puppies ' food is very sensitive and difficult.

What is healthy eating for young and adult husky, foods to avoid for Siberian huskies

Foods to avoid for husky dogs :

We list 5 foods to avoid for your dog not only Husky, but all breeds dogs beware of giving your dog these foods, as they may be caused in serious diseases and infections at the level of the larynx or gastrointestinal tract :

1) Caffeine:

Caffeine or other alcohol of all kinds, significantly affected the Husky, not necessarily only the Husky breed but all animals. 

Any drink that contains caffeine, coffee or tea, they expose the Husky to rapid and sudden heart attacks, so we advise to leave these things away from him.

2) Sugar (all sweets) :

Sugar or sweets have a negative effect on Husky or other, different sugars from processed and natural ones, but you should be careful and pay attention to what you give to your dog. 

Polysaccharides cause high blood sugar, as well as failure in the dog's organs, abnormal weight gain, tension and significant breakdown during training or hunting.

Garlic and onions:

Garlic and onions are not suitable for meat eaters, and this is because they contain toxic substances that cause digestive insufficiency, and it is difficult for the dog to get rid of them, and the most important damage when eating Husky garlic and onions are red blood cells are significantly damaged.

Collection of grape varieties:

Also grapes and all kinds should be avoided for your dog hasky, and even dried grapes or grape beverage, because it contains toxins and intoxicating substances such as alcohol. 

Husky or other strains may find it difficult to analyze in the abdomen and cause severe kidney failure.

Chocolate and its derivatives :

Chocolate contains a substance (Methylxanthines), which causes high dog beats, and causes severe vomiting and diarrhea of the Husky. 

Many types of chocolate are harmful and more harmful than white, which contains cocoa in particular.

Characteristics of the breed and common diseases of the Siberian huskies :

Through these links you will find (characteristics and all information about the Husky). 

as well as (20 diseases that may affect the husky and treatment methods).