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What diseases are Huskies exposed to, Genetic and acquired treatment

What diseases are Huskies exposed to, Genetic and acquired treatment

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

The husky dog or what is known as the Siberian terrier, or the northern regions dog, is a strong, intelligent dog that has endured the harsh nature, and the cold weather throughout the ages, gained a strong immunity against the cold and difficult conditions.

 Husky is a fast, strong sea dog with heavy sleds loaded with fun and people, can travel tens of kilometers a day, and is also used for races in the winter seasons.

What diseases are Huskies exposed to

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

Husky dog breed, good breed m beautiful and intelligent in all respects, social breed especially with children, love to play and have fun greatly with other people or pets. 

Husky dogs are characterized by high intelligence, consistent size, strong and graceful, possess attractive colors and easy grooming, thick fur characterized by short softness that falls in the spring to define it. 

Husky dogs in terms of training are easy, help you a lot in passing the tasks, because of the great intelligence and lightness and muscle mass that you have, barking like a wolf like a howl, not with annoying sound but beautiful, but it is better not to stay alone for a long time. 

Words has the words naughty and sexy, that had such power, you had companions along the way and meet, but like any breed they suffer from health problems are hereditary, and others acquired as a result of malnutrition, 

or intense workouts, lack of grooming and consideration, and among these problems we mention the 20 disease of Dogs has, and how to address them. 

Acquired health problems afflict husky dogs:

Dental diseases
Spaying or neutering

Genetic health problems of Siberian huskies:

Eye problems
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Laryngeal paralysis 
Bleeding disorders

Liver enzyme
Hip joint abnormalities
Inflammatory bowel disease
Degenerative myelopathy
Autoimmune skin disease
Bladder disease
Skin infections
Thyroid problems

Acquired health problems afflict husky dogs

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

All breeds of dogs are exposed to health problems, and vary from Breed to breed, husky dogs may acquire health problems acquired due to excessive or intensive training, malnutrition, not taking good care of the dog, not taking the dog to an animal specialist doctor from time to time, not providing a small warm house for the dog, and other things that make your :

Dental diseases

Dental disease or what is known as tartar clustering around the teeth, which leads to fragility of the gums and pain in the roots of the teeth, unfortunately husky dogs are exposed to this disease after the age of 18 months or more.


The right solutions for this disease is treatment at a specialist doctor and the best prevention before treatment, you should clean your teeth every week with a good brush and a special dog paste, do not give your dog hot food because it is the main cause of dental disease.

If the problem remains only in the teeth, your dog is safe, but when dental disease is followed by damage to the kidneys, heart, liver and even joints.

Dogs alaskan malamutes

Bacterial and viral infections

Husky dogs get bacterial and viral infections, which in turn can infect any pet, which has its own medicine given to Husky in its first year. 

That microbes or viruses such as rabies and parvovirus and others, we can avoid her rights at a competent doctor, loves not to neglect the dog has because the first 3 years of his life very important, particularly in terms of food and health and training.

Husky dog obesity

Obesity or obesity affects Siberian huskies, or any pet that gets obese, it is the most serious disease that causes respiratory problems, and digestive disorders occur due to too much eating and too little exercise. 

Obesity also causes heart problems, weak beats, back and bone problems significantly. 

The best treatment for obesity is a healthy diet, if you do not know what to offer your dog, consult a nutritionist who gives you a calendar of eating for a month or more, for example two meals containing milk, vegetables, good meat, starches and others, with exercises and exercises, and daily monitoring of your dog's weight.

Dog Italiae grayhound 

Parasites of worms and insects

Yes, of the problems suffered by the Siberian huskies, worms and insects of various kinds, known to dogs ears and hair or skin are the place where these insects and worms gather among them:

All these viruses come from impurity whether in the training area, sleeping, eating or drinking water, the place must always be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.


The most dangerous of these are children's toys or one of the family with the dog, which is the reason for its transfer to children and this is a risk to their health. 

Parasites cause anxiety and irritation to the dog, discomfort and itching in all organs, and to avoid all this hygiene and take more care of the Husky, if necessary take it to the doctor better and better.

Sterilization or eunuch Husky

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

In order to reduce the incidence of many serious diseases and cancers, the dog also craves the activity of the dog and increases its strength and fitness. 

As for the female husky, we remove the ovaries surgically, naturally, under the influence of anesthesia, which helps in restoring the fitness and health of the female. 

This procedure is not a duty to take, but in terms of checking on your dog's health, but we can avoid these operations, take more care of Husky food, training and good grooming.

Dogs chinese shar pei 

Genetic health problems of husky dogs

Genetic health problems of pets occur in the recent period significantly, especially from the beginning of the 19th century to the 20th century, due to the hybridization of dog breeds with some, for example when a breed has been pure for hundreds of years, its genetic health problems are few to none. 

As for hybrid dogs such as American Pitbull and other dogs, we find that they suffer a lot and a lot of different diseases of the two breeds, we mention some diseases that may affect Siberian huskies :

Hasky eye problems

Huskies inherit eye problems, which negatively affect their performance in races or in helping their owner pass long distances. 

At the age of 3 to 4 years old husky begins to tire eye as a result of cold and snow dust, which may cause partial and even total blindness. 

To find out that your husky eyes have problems or not, watch the lens of the eye if it is deeper in the middle of the day, or looks cloudy or white, the dog should be taken to a specialist clinic and surgery to remove the whiteness is the perfect option. 

Siberian Huskies have an eye disease called glaucoma, the symptoms of which are severe eye tears, the color of the cornea changes to yellow, and reddening of the whites of the eyes, which causes severe pain that you leave your dog untreated, inevitably blindness. 

This problem (glaucoma) is caused by the volatilization of hard snowflakes, and most cases occur in dogs living in the Arctic.

Dogs will foxes 

Bleeding disorders inherited

Bleeding disorders inherited from Huskies occur rarely, and vary depending on the injury large or small, their causes are suddenly vague, perhaps strong sunlight, blood pressure, or intense exercise. 

When bleeding occurs, it must be urgently stopped or surgery performed. 

There is also (von Willebrand's disease), a genetic disease known as sudden blood clotting, infected by husky dogs, but the solution to this problem is a clinic specializing in dog health.

Epileptic seizures for Husky dog

Huskies have seizures every now and then, and there are three types of seizures. 

Epilepsy with reflex, primary epilepsy, secondary epilepsy, Siberian husky people get epilepsy due to problems mostly genetic Occurs from 8 months to 3 years.

There are three types of epileptic seizures in dogs and is :

1) Epilepsy with reflex:

 This happens to the category of conflict because of genetic problems not to father and mother speak, and occur as a result of trembling in the defense, mostly because-esque or an accident, it can be caused by poor nutrition, or poisoning, high blood sugar is because the food rich sugars. 

2) primary epilepsy:

A husky dog develops primary epilepsy due to organ failure, or severe fatigue followed by a lack of food intake, also possibly eating poison or expired food.


3) secondary epilepsy:

It occurs due to a brain tumor or a dog's exposure to trauma, also brain trauma is likely to have severe epilepsy, but the most common cause remains genetic diseases of the dog. 

To avoid the problem of conflict for your dog it's okay to have an injection by a doctor, helps keep epileptic seizures under control, but don't forget to conduct the necessary tests to find out the side effects the disease.

Dogs redezyaridgeback

What to do if your dog has a seizure:

If your dog has a seizure or an epileptic condition, whether it is husky or another breed, you must prevent him from hurting himself because he does not know what is wrong, hold him do not lock his mouth or hold his tongue let him bark, but beware that he bites you, he probably will not even know you. 

If you find yourself unable to help or guide your dog, contact your nearest hospital, Animal Husbandry Assistant or veterinarian.

Laryngeal paralysis disease

Husky dogs develop laryngeal paralysis precisely in the vocal cords, and this is caused by a change in the dog's climate, for example Siberian husky dogs that lived in cold weather, are not the same as those in hot or humid climates. 

Also exercise and take the dog bath directly, when you hear the barking tone has changed give him his own medicine and watch him well, after a certain period you notice that your dog has not improved Do not hesitate to take him to the doctor may need urgent surgery.

Dogs ibizan hound puppies 

High blood pressure

Husky dogs have high blood pressure, which is to be expected because more than 70 percent of husky dogs have blood pressure, which is due to the many genetic diseases of the breed. 

Blood pressure may cause heart attacks and impaired blood flow to the heart, also significantly impair eyesight. 

Never be complacent in taking your dog to a specialist to find out the state of health of your dog.

Heart disease

Most breeds of dogs have heart disease, including the Husky, which causes the blood to not circulate properly in the blood vessels, and affects the dividing wall of the heart more.


Heart disease is dangerous for your dog and you can't do anything for your dog without a specialist, what you have to do is keep measuring your dog's heart rate, and follow every small and large.

Cancer disease

The Siberian husky is the most dangerous disease of all, both human and animal, affects older dogs, occurs due to serious infections or injuries as a result of training, but most of them are genetic. 

There are two ways to treat cancers, chemotherapy with topical medication, or by removing them surgically. 

One of the things to consider is to detect the disease early to eliminate it and to take full measures to heal.

Dogs irish terrier

Deformities of the hip joint

Husky dogs have genetic hip dysplasia, a disease that causes dysfunction and inflammation in the hip joints. 

It affects the hind legs of the husky and leads to a warp or pain during running or training, if you see that the pain or zigzag increased too much, you must be treated to avoid pain and impaired activity of your dog. 

Common causes of hip dysplasia include exercise mistakes, running too much, dragging heavy sleds, sleeping on hard surfaces. 

Most husky dogs prone to hip deformities are older and overweight, do not hesitate to take your dog to inspect the joints of his legs.

Inflammatory bowel disease

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

Husky dogs have inflammatory bowel disease, which is a disorder of the immune system, called plasmacite or lymphocytes. 

This disease occurs due to the thickness of the intestinal wall, which makes the absorption of salts and nutrients very difficult, and its symptoms are frequent vomiting and diarrhea, excessive. 

If you do not take health action against this disease, diarrhea may worsen and there may be burns or wounds in the intestine. 

To solve this problem is not difficult, consult your nearest doctor, who gives you tablets that improve the digestive system of your husky dog.

Dog wolsh terrier 

Hasky degenerative myelopathy

The symptoms of the disease lie in the weakness of the hind legs of your dog, and paralysis of the nerve function of the hind legs of the man.


Advice if your dog has this disease and at its beginning, it is better to hurry and treat it, because it will become weak or even become completely disabled.


You can rehabilitate with needles and supplements, but treatment for degenerative marrow remains almost impossible.

Liver enzyme disease

Liver enzyme, or what is known as hyperphosphatemia to a certain level, makes it dangerous for the life of your dog, you will not know the symptoms of this disease to the necessary medical analysis. 

Sometimes you find a microscopic examination confirming a liver defect, but not a significant risk to your dog's health, the doctor will give you a good treatment that will facilitate the entry and exit of the blood necessary for the activity of your husky liver.

Dog boston terrier 

Bladder disease for Husky males

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

A genetic but rare disease of husky dogs, these are tubes that make the formed urine go into the bladder and then eliminate the need. 

In case you find your dog urinating on its own, know that the problem is that the bladder cannot absorb urine flowing from the tubes attached to each kidney. 

To address the problem, an ultrasound of the hesky bladder should be performed, and to find out why the urine comes out on its own, it can be solved by taking tablets or performing surgery if necessary.

Thyroid hormone deficiency

Huskies have thyroid problems, which is a deficiency of the thyroid hormone responsible for your dog's external body.


A symptom of this disease is aggressiveness, excess weight gain, fear of people, dry skin with hair loss. 

But don't be afraid because its treatment lies in tablets that help produce thyroid hormone.

Dog german chepherd

Skin infections zinc deficiency

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

Skin infections that affect a husky dog, due to a lack or scarcity of zinc in its body or diet. 

To avoid this problem, zinc-containing food should be provided, to meet the needs of the body, the symptoms of this disease, peeling or reddening of the skin, bloating of the mouth and ears and also discoloration to red, unusually large hair loss.

Autoimmune skin disease

An autoimmune skin disease that affects husky dogs from 3 to 4 years, is a serious disease on the skin of the dog, causing hair loss, nose and mouth and ear plugs significantly. 

Inflammation of the affected area and the possibility of bacteria invading the area and getting worse, should be treated as soon as possible to avoid unwanted skin reactions. 

It is a bad thing to leave the dog in the sun for a long time, the skin crusts accumulate and increase until they fall off.

What should you do to get a good, healthy and strong dog:

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

To avoid these diseases and problems that occur with your dog, you should follow three tips and guidelines to have a good dog :

1) Daily and weekly Husky routine care :

Owning a dog like a husky is not easy, it is one of the best and smartest dogs in the world and requires special care. 

Always try to organize your time with the dog, include a calendar for example about the time of his bath and cleaning teeth, upscale weight comb his hair, watch his growth step by step and do not forget to trim his nails. 

Cleaning the ears is also important because they are the headquarters of viruses and bacteria, playing with them is also the most important thing so that you do not feel boring this part of the daily routine.

2) Diet for Huskies :

After daily grooming these, we come to the most important thing is diet and health, not easy, but all the pets and even human. 

High quality diet is the secret of having a good dog, type of food sources do not use meat mainly, give your dog a few vegetables and salts, starches are also good for the digestive system.


Meat of various kinds of Fish and red and white meat, bacon and rich in fat, if you see yourself unable to care about the husky dog in terms of food should consult or consult a doctor special pet food.

3) Husky dog aerobics :

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment

After daily grooming and a healthy Husky diet, here you have passed 80 percent of having a good dog, we come to the most important thing and that is exercise. 

The practice of sports for Huskies varies according to age, location and climatic conditions, create a weekly sports calendar and rest times as well, because rest is a key factor for muscle growth and recovery from diseases. 

In the first 6 months of life Husky trained him to walk medium distances, create a suitable place rich in grass and easy barriers and never train, do not forget when passing tasks reward your dog to motivate him more and memorize the motor and sound signals. 

Going out hunting is also a good practice, because natural barriers are much better than artificial ones, there he finds himself in the real field and brings out his training and strength and intelligence.

In the latter the interest and love of pets is the most important, they are creatures living with love and passion take care of them, share the most important things in your life. 

take them with you to any good place you want to go, in the latter you will find that the husky dog or other is a faithful companion.

Healthy nutrition of huskies

Through the link you will find proper nutrition for young and adult Huskies, and foods to avoid for a dog. 

What diseases are Huskies exposed to? Genetic and acquired treatment