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long haired dachshund, Interest in health, care and good ways to train

 long haired dachshund, Interest in health, care and good ways to train

long haired dachshund, Interest in health, care and good ways to train

Dachshund dogs:

 It is a subspecies of the subspecies  Dachshunds are short legged Fairly long, short high And close to the ground,
 The strain was first used from For the pursuit and hunting of small game.

 It is ranked 89th out of 100 In terms of intelligence, Small Dashhead has been developed To be a good and strong hunter and excel Very quickly we will know all about it With this German dachshund dog.

Breed characteristics dachshund dog

Characteristic of a dachshund dog A German, just by looking at him, he catches  Your attention spike, short spike From 33 to 37 cm only, Has a strong body full of muscles Short legs and long head Bit, thick and long hair With strong legs and great intelligence The trend of training and hunting.

 The German Dachshund has a distinct appearance Nice, good demeanor and agreeable Especially with young children, from His hobbies are digging and maneuvering During running and spending, as well Strong sense of smell to track small game.

 German dachshunds are some stubborn  The thing is because of poor parenting On the part of the owner, or lack of care Its good, the weight of the dashboard ranges from 7 to 16 kg, and its height ranges from 33 to 37 cm.

Dachshund dog, history and origin

The origin of the Dachshund dynasty is in Germany, It was discovered in the late fifth century Ten where they found documents and drawings Denotes that they are German dogs, develop Germans in the dynasty until I became It ranks sixth out of 155 breeds.

 I took all of the USA and Great Britain and several other countries Puppies of the breed, they raised and looked after With it, they used it to hunt rabbits and Foxes and small asters Located in burrows.

 In the sixteenth century it was a dynasty  The dachshund weighs 13 to 16 kg, Significantly weak, but more important than This is the leaders' favorite breed And the kings of that period, they are They see it as that rare and beautiful breed.

 The breed has become quite popular  Large, and this is in the early twentieth century Adjusted in 1914 and 1915 Classified among the first breeds Popular around the world.

Dachshund dog character and features

That the personality and characteristics of a dog Dachshunds are not much different from dogs Good looking and smart other, he is a dog Smart, strong and with a strong sense of smell, You find it lively and brave when you stand up With training or hunting tasks.

 A loyal but aggressive dachshund dog to its owner Bit with strangers, at The early years of his life are a must Take care of him a lot, and give him time Enough and extra to play with And train him and take care of more
With his coat and his food.

 The dachshund is a bit shy It is characterized by calmness, but during training Be active and good, but all the good The dog lies in the first upbringing When he is puppy.

long haired dachshund, Interest in health, care and good ways to train

Most of the health problems that face dachshund dogs

1) Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD):

 This The type of disease is rare, it affects  Most dogs are due to intense training Or, putting up dangerous or difficult barriers for the dog, But it may be hereditary in this case The father's dog's health record should be reviewed Recognize the symptoms, to help the dog Tie his back with a belt to strengthen the back And reduce injury (intervertebral disc).

2) Diabetes Mellitus (DM):

 Causes of Diabetes Diabetes is evident in all strains Dogs are malnourished or eating Overload and irregularity, lead to Significant increase in the dog's weight, and e In turn, she makes him a lazy dog Loves to sleep and eat.
 Take diabetes medication in dogs The dashhend is developing a diet Healthy and watch the dog from Every now and then.

3) Gastric torsion (GDV):

 This disease It most commonly affects dogs with 10 Years and more, because in that period The dog becomes lazy and loves to sleep And eating and has caused him to death.

4) Retinal atrophy (PRA): 

a network atrophy  Dachshund eye disorder or disorder Degenerative ocular disease is a hereditary disease, And the solution to this disease Is cleaning the eye of an injured dog Every week it may cause blindness.
5) Epilepsy: 

a disease of the subspecies Either a genetic disease or it may be Head trauma as a result of training Or a fall from a high place.

Ways of caring for and grooming a Dachshund dog

Dachshunds are good and smart in terms of Training, easy to take care of, and that's a review To the good intelligence you possess, It also has a lot of power and energy And the spirit of hunting, playing and hunting.

Grooming a Dachshund

Grooming a Dachshund is simple Easy and fun at the same time.

  Its nice and short shape helps To take care of his wet hair, in addition To shower with soap every 19 days, Fingernail trim only when necessary.

 The most important thing is to provide a home and bedding Warm the dog after completing each training Or a task, constantly monitor the weight of the dachshund To prevent diseases such as (diabetes), Provide a grass floor for training and monitoring His ears, eyes, and droppings with Change any diet.

 Pure water must be provided because he needs it Every two hours or more, observe his teeth And clean them every certain period.

Take care of a dog Dachshund

The easiest way to take care of a dachshund is In the beginning of its growth, when your dog is about 4 months is the secret of success and ownership A strong, energetic male dog.

 First, taking care of healthy food is an essential factor.

 Walk the dog about 15 minutes To grow his muscles and stimulate his blood circulation, Provide a good sleeping place and a small house Suitable for it and a large, grassy patio To train and play with him.

 Put up little barriers just to train them Because they are short-legged, memorable dogs Gently stimulate them as they pass A certain barrier or a task, that makes them Most suspense and lively for the owner, unforgettable Take them to the private pool Them and he also took them to green places Like forests to hunt.

 Try to change your training style every day And bonus, make every day new For them, put prey for them Small to train and increase their senses Auditory, visual and sense of smell.

long haired dachshund, Interest in health, care and good ways to train

types of dachshunds

Germany has many types of dogs, including strong, smart, huge and hunting dogs, including:

 Dutch Hound dog Dutch Hound
 German shepherd dog German shepherd dog Pomeranian dog Pomeranian dog
 The Great Danish Terrier is the fiercest type of dog The poodle The poodle dog
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 The German Pointer dog is short-haired.