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Information about the great Danish dog, great dane adoption

Information about the great Danish dog, great dane adoption

Information about the great Danish dog, great dane adoption

great dane dog

The Great Dane dog, is a giant and large dog breed, the largest dog breed in terms of height and size, the Great Dane dog is an intelligent dog par excellence ranked 88 out of 100 intelligent dogs worldwide. 

Things needing attention in the dog, the Great Dane's huge, friendly and loyal to its owner, loves to play and has a sense of humor and fun. 

A rare dog is beautiful but its life span is much shorter than that of other normal dogs, and the reason for this is due to its great argument that it gets tired with time, the Great Dane dog is easy to train for its wide intelligence.

Characteristics of the breed of the great Danish dog

Characteristics of a huge Danish dog is large and conspicuous size, possessing large muscle mass and strong legs, as well as great intelligence in training. 

The huge Danish dog knows
In the name of the German mastiff because of its German origin, or in the name of the Danish dog, it ranks 10th in terms of size and reaches a length of 112 cm. 

 The Great Dane lives only from 8 to 10 years, the age rate is very low, it is not due to malnutrition or care, but rather large sizes after 8 years he becomes big problems in the digestive and muscular system, it becomes more deteriorated due to the large length and voluminous. 

His country of origin is Germany, and his height is from 70 to 80 cm for females, and the Great Dane male from 76 to 86 cm. 

A good speech mood is not so much a prank as a temperdefuted, friendly, reserved, confident, loving, kind. 

The colors of the Danish dog bone are large and cursive colors, the most famous of which are blue, black, brindle, fawn, cloak, Harlequin.

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General appearance of the great Danish Cape

The appearance of the great Danish dog is characterized by elegance, strength and consistency, it is a huge dog and large to the extent of the length of a human, which is a breed of giant dogs and also very intelligent. 

He has big ears and 4 cm long fangs, his colors are beautiful especially blue, he likes to play with children, he is very cheerful, absolutely not shy, loyal and characterized by great self-confidence. 

The Great Dane acquires an easy-to-grooming coat, rarely finds hair loss, loves swimming and running, has a body composition consistent with his intelligence is rather a very rare dog.

The history of the great Danish dog

The history of the great Danish dog in the late 18th century, where it was discovered by people of American nationality, took care of and developed the breed, until it arrived in Germany. 

Many believe that the Great Dane is a hybrid breed between the English mastiff and the Irish wolfhound, the Danish dog was used to hunt large-sized prey such as deer, pigs and even hyenas, 

but in the late twentieth century it became a great rank in size and emotional intelligence, until it became a family dog par excellence used for playing, playing and guarding.

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Diet and nutrition of the great Danish dog

The diet of the great Danish dog is very sensitive, due to the dog's large size and short life span, so its daily intake should be carefully studied or consult a specialist (dog food)

The first thing to focus on giving the dog reduced meals to avoid excessive obesity, as for the great Danish dog puppies like to give them 3 meals every day, each meal is rich in proteins, fats and red and white meat, and do not forget about fresh milk and fresh water. 

Proper nutrition in the first 4 months is important for a strong, intelligent and healthy dog, when the dog reaches the minimum muscle mass should increase in meals to meet the needs of his large body.

great dane dog

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The best ways to care for a great Danish dog

The best and easiest way to care for a great Danish dog is to follow one regimen every day, start with his coat with short fur that is easy to grooming and clean, give him a bath every week and check his big ears constantly. 

Saving time and a good place for training and restful sleep, one of the most important things that make your dog fun and healthy and good, must socialize the great Danish dog in order to be easy to control and easy to train excellently. 

Watch your dog constantly when training feet his body is considered a great hindrance to him, probably falling from a high place or barrier serious leads him to breaking or twisting in the man, that dog the Great Dane dog rare that kept gas his training proper, you'll be a wonderful dog.

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Diseases affecting the Great Dane dog

Growth problems occur a lot for large-sized dogs, the Great Dane dog in the first 4 months of his life should take care of his food a lot, and he likes to be rich in proteins, fats or calcium that strengthens the bones. 

Hip dysplasia: 
This is a genetic condition that occurs for a great Danish dog between two to 3 years the femur does not fit into the hip joint, causing aches and pain in the hind legs. 
Torsion of the stomach: 
Known as bloating in the stomach, it is a disease caused by improper food and dough such as bread and its derivatives, it is not suitable for the Great Dane dog. 

Bone cancer: 
This disease is known as osteosarcoma, which is a common bone tumor found in dogs and affects larger ones than normal, usually affects dogs in late age. 

Heart disease: 
Heart disease affects dogs that stay in the open permanently, which affects the heart significantly as well as the mitral valve.

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questions about the breed of the great Danish dog

Is the great Danish dog dangerous ? 
No, the Great Dane is an intelligent and polite dog, loves children and toys his large body does not indicate his danger, he is an excellent and beautiful dog but a rare and wonderful dog. 

Is Great Dane a good dog to?
Yes it is a good dog, highly desirable cuddly active dog, but its average age is short N 8 to 10 years. 

What does the great Danish puppy cost?
The cost of a great Danish puppy varies by color, age and gender, and even the country, for example in Germany it is priced from $ 500 to $ 1000 per puppy, but in the world the price is higher due to shipping. 

great dane prices Price from 4000$ to 10 thousand Max

What kind of dog is the Great Dane to?
He is a giant, powerful, intelligent dog, owning a great Danish dog is like owning a real lion. 

Is the Great Dane aggressive?
No, not aggressive. just the opposite.

black great dane