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shiba inu dog breeds, shiba inu temperament, cute shiba inu

all information on shiba dog 

 The Shiba Inu is a dog breed It is native to Japan, It is one of the hunting dogs par excellence The best trait she has is that she's smart Always smiling, cheerful and lively Even her coat is wet and Beautiful, recognized in the country of Japan And the breed is in great demand, shiba breed They enjoy playing a lot And getting involved more with children Little kids love to play But be careful with strangers He is moody With people he does not know.

shiba inu puppy

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Character shiba breed

shiba dog breed, Dogs love to watch and guard She is a little shy But do not like strangers, for this Be careful at the closest From it or touch it, always let your money  The dog introduces you to the dog, no You go to it on your own.

 Shiba Inu loves to take care of her More in terms of training, Playing, healthy eating and grooming You must save her time And all her needs , Shiba breed character They don't quickly accept people He doesn't know them, so we advise you He trained him from a young age on Go out and play with people.

history shiba breed

 japanese shiba inu, The designation of this strain is due Into Japanese (dog) And she (Inoue), I discovered the ancestry In Japan, especially in the south In the plains and terrain it was Called brushwood, Plus coat color Greenish, I used The breed from the year 1880 for hunting, They developed in the bloodline until It became internationally recognized, occupied 93rd for intelligence Out of 134 dog species, Up to now shiba adoption, Certified in all companies And rural areas to observe And wild hunting.

It was chosen in 1974 AD As a member or delegate of the trade union Japanese for Akita dogs, and in general 1976 hardly becomes a certified expert For the Japanese Trade Union.

 And between 1987 and 1988 he worked Position as Director of the Akita Dogs Division Japanese Kennel Club (JKC).

history shiba breed

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Characteristics akita shiba inu

Shiba Inu tends to be Be watched and suspicious And a hunting dog par excellence, He has a nice coat, and Great shape addition To intelligence and speed of keeping And perform the hopes to the fullest A face, shiba Breed is quick And bold never tire of Training and hunting.

 Long live the strain It has a maximum of 12 to 15 years A stop, but in good conditions Great interest in health and Proper food, I discovered the strain In Japan, she has a fickle mood With strangers or even with the owner Because of bad handling With the dog also excel, Keen, Fearless, Alert, Confident The male weighs from 8 to 11 kg And the female is from 8 to 10 kg.

 As for the height of the male 35 to 42 centimeters long The female is 33 to 40 cm long.

 He owns a shiba dog Cool and lovely coat color Red Sesame, Cream, Black Sesame, Sesame, And don't forget the ease of grooming He has regular maintenance With teeth, legs and head.

Characteristics akita shiba inu

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How do I take care of my health shiba inu

Each breed has hereditary diseases And another is acquired, but a good shiba breed Without any major genetic abnormalities Among the diseases known to her are: Von Willebrand disease (spontaneous bleeding): A disease that affects the strain as a result Neglect in terms of proper nutrition It is a food sensitive breed It must be given healthy and regular food.

 Thyroid disease (hypothyroidism): The common in this disease becomes the dog He sleeps a lot, is exhausted and lazy And he tends to eat a lot.

 eye diseases: Shiba inu require eyes inspection Always, from 4 to 8 years old Take the dog regularly to a doctor Special dogs to monitor the extent of eye damage And it should be washed with an eye wash solution From period to period.

 Separate disappearance of pigmentation: A very rare disease but it affects him And this is caused by leaving the dog in the open Sleep on cold surfaces, you should Provide a warm mattress and a home Specially small for dog.

 Hip dysplasia: a common disease For many dogs, his medication is regular walking And training for the dog from a young age, to strengthen Back muscle because it More reliable.

 Patella displacement: This is a displacement From stage 4 to 5 months in The dog is very durable, on a level Instinctive and involuntary, he has a reaction Immediate, very sensitive ear, he walks At high speed to walk.

 Koenig's disease (cartilage displacement In the joint cavity To exclude provocative dangers For genetic diseases and others Of acquired diseases.

 Health and nutrition are key factors For a strong, energetic male dog And lively, and a skilled hunter.

How do I take care of my health shiba inu

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cute shiba inu

To maintain such an active dog  And smart, he needs a home Large and large space to play And training, and do not forget to go out hunting And walk from time to time, on Although the Shiba Inu is a breed Small, she needs a home Large, green and soft ground To train, they are difficult to understand however Treat it with affection and affection, result Shiba-Inu is strong, beautiful, and intelligent  And a skilled hunter.

 Never leave the dog alone at Guests come home, because he will bark Too much and makes a big noise, and If not used to strangers a possibility Big becomes more hostile.

cute shiba inu

Care and hygiene shiba inu

shiba breed They are clean and caring dogs By herself more, she moves away from the puddles and Dirt will not need to be washed or bathed Continuous, enough time Every 10 days, big shiba inu They are large, difficult to groom dogs But it's better to take a mattress And healthy soap, and dental care And ears and nail clipping  When increasing her height, And during pregnancy should You have to take care  More safe, Because it becomes helpless and tends to Rest and sleep.

 In general, they do not need to Special and great care, and that He is the beautiful in shiba breed.

The best training methods shiba breed

 To take care of more and more special than Training side, they are dogs Active, smart and needing to be with At least 30 minutes training every day, Be quick response To encourage the dog to perform the tasks successfully Give him an example each stage Successful snack, to remember the activity And when returning it is saved with ease.

 Kind and polite treatment on the part Coach is essential for continuity Training, the dog is so clever that worsened The transaction stopped practicing and became Difficult to deal with, courtship and play With him from time to time he makes him a dog He longs to train and waits Eagerly.

 If he's a cute puppy think about Running away with a family member, Or he wants to play outside, leave him, It is best to socialize with people To get used to more and easier You have to train him.

 Give him easy-to-pass barriers Then change it and make it difficult With time to gain strength and experience. 

Pay more attention to fresh water And healthy eating because it is the factor The essential for a strong and useful dog.

The best training methods shiba breed

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feeding japanese shiba inu

This strain does not exist Special feeding to her, therefore Any dog ​​feed is allowed Medium, small, or large adult-You can use regular food And natural, it is best to give Porridge in bacon broth, And lean meat And granulocyte rich in protein, And less often You can add to system hangover Healthy food.

 You can sometimes add algae Dry to food, focus on The training period because dogs You need to feed 3 to 6 times Per day, and varies according to age.

 Pay more attention to a fact The Shebaa Inu did not transport or travel But the original Japanese, and the significance of this Dogs are prone to obesity, which It can provoke a number of diseases Many, because obesity is not good For all dogs it may cause It is hypersensitive.

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Positives shiba inu

shiba dog breed, It is distinguished by positive qualities Many and wonderful, Fidelity, amazing appearance Smiling dog, hygiene cleans up For himself, an innocent, good companion, Skilled fisherman, smart, loves to play With kids, it's easy to train And its food is varied.

Negatives shiba inu

Features shiba breed Non-acquired qualities of them Good, and other pups  Bad treatment or lack of knowledge  Dog know full.

 A bit stubborn, his behavior changed  Suddenly, unfriendly to strangers,  Shedding profusely, tends to run away When he reaches puberty, he becomes invalid  Welcome to the people in front of him.