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american staffordshire bull terrier, staff, stafford terriers

 american staffordshire bull terrier, staff, stafford terriers

Training Staffordshire Bull Terrier

staffordshire bull terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dynasty She is a British breed From dogs with hair Short and pretty easy Grooming, I grew up In the east of the city Birmingham it belongs Or descend from a dynasty Paul and a terrier that bred From 

the English Bulldog breed Old and English terrier Old too, I used Dynasty to fight and force Hundreds of years ago I faced The breed has many types From dogs Pitbull in British tracks, I became The breed is strong and ferocious  But affectionate and kind For a breeder who cares more about it.

american staffordshire bull terrier

staffordshire bull terrier breed

Characteristics of the breed
The breed is distinguished by strong muscle tone, Great intelligence and patience In training and hunting Taken by the English to do With difficult tasks, I occupied Rank 91 out of 100 dogs Around the world in terms of intelligence.

 Country of origin

England Life span in conditions Good living and health:

 From 12 to 14 years old Colors:

 Black, White, Brindle, Fawn, Black White, Blue, Brindle White, Red White The breed has a lively character And loves to train and play Affectionate, Bold, Intelligent, Reliable, Fearless Breed weight varies by Age. 


food and health of the dog As for the ideal female weight 11 to 15 kg, as for a male Strong adult:

 13 to 17  Kg, length or strain height  staffordshire bull terrier The male is from 35 to 41 cm long  The female is 33 to 37 centimeters.

blue staffordshire bull terrier

Date, english staffordshire bull terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed  In Staffordshire, England Almost more than a hundred years ago, Relied on ancestry in Hunting big and powerful game At that time, even He started fighting in the arenas It became strong enough and illegal Possessing it is dangerous for 

the population, The dynasty shied away from the fight A certain period of time acquired  Through which people love and Become an excellent companion And smart.

 The Kennel Club recognized the dogs  Staffordshire and her surname In the name of Staffordshire Bull Terrier for her resolve And strength and intelligence And the privilege of love And fitness in performances And circus in 1935.

english staffordshire bull terrier

personality stafford terriers

Character dog breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier: 

It is characterized by strength, intelligence and Ease of breeding, lovable dog  Beautiful, strong and brave, who loves
Strangers are calm and assertive, activated Always energetic and energetic Known to Staffordshire

 Paul Terry He has a strong personality From other breeds, stay away Its about fighting and its knowledge Obedience, hunting and guarding Take care of his coat more and His lunch and his supply always With pure mineral water.

 If you want a perfect dog And pure, lively and lovable With your family members and with Your children, to play with him in the yard House advise Staffordshire Bull Terrier The perfect loyal dog.

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staffordshire bull terrier puppy

Health care

Take care of a breed staffordshire bull terrier It takes time and patience for its intelligence And the strength of his muscles, he requires A healthy diet And regular training and Great interest.

  A Staffordshire puppy needs a Bull Terrier, In its first months To the greatest amount of attention.


 A puppy that loves milk Rich net nutrient With protein and calcium Bone feeder, drinking water Clean, red and meats White once a week , Permanent grooming of the coat And teeth, and legs
  Faceting, showering.


 get accustomed Pup to train him every Day 15 minutes give him Growth stimulus and muscle strengthening And a good knowledge of its owner He is a good and patient person With his dog, the dog's love increases To its owner with incentives in  Eating or going for a walk.

 As for the adult dog Here it has been initialized Advance dog you will see Beautiful results for a sturdy dog  Lively and sexy.

 Health problems staffordshire bull terrier:
 He has other genetic problems Acquired as a result of training And good education and  Neglect in his diet And its waters, we mention of them: 

Cataracts (which are Uncommon in dogs) As well as hip dysplasia Known to most dogs Watch out for the gas in This dog and consult a doctor Special to know the cause of gases Don't forget the addition problem And sleep on cold mattresses And eat food without organization All are the causes of many diseases.

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Training Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Strong training Necessary to breed  They are all intelligent and lively And an activity, in addition to Strong and muscular jaw Eminent, that good training It starts when the dog is old 3 months, take care of him at home First, before training wipers Big, 

don't make him bite Things in every training may Learn ferocity, and he may This is with people, teach him Hunting, hurdles, capture Ball Returns Things  Don't forget to put it off at you His performance is important with little success Of meat or light food, Strong his memory by organizing time Training and training division For minutes, 

give him leeway From comfort or privacy Perhaps the dog is tired or wants to Play it alone, don't forget to let go Children with him to respond With them and feels their presence, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  Who will dog You get a lot And a lot of use Animal games like Rabbits, quail, mice.

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feeding blue staffordshire bull terrier

Proper nutrition is a prerequisite  Staffordshire bull terrier First, watch your dog, Check the dog's age And know how much his activity is The daily and the duration of his training Then give him his food.

 For example from 3 months to 8 months we advise Only two meals a day With 10 to 15 minutes Training, the meal contains On proteins and fats And a little milk, Do not forget about mineral water Pure must be replenished In front of him.

 Dog from year to year 3 years, increase in time Always train and weigh your dog Watch their shape and faeces That was healthy food There is nothing wrong with that, if you see Changes in his behavior  He slept more or less Active, it's best to go To a doctor and give it A recipe for a suitable food for him.

staffordshire puppies for sale

staffordshire bull terrier coat

He has a short and plain coat Grooming, little care Only short hair gets styled  With a comb, many colors may be It is difficult to distinguish exactly Colors or what is Testordshire Bull Dog, take care of others  By cutting them every 15 days, 

avoid A dog shower always had Water affects his eyes And his ears, lose the inside of the ears Always for the presence of germs and Dirt, always watch your dog Where to sleep clean place His sleep or not simple.

blue staff puppies

It is important to train a locust  Paul Staffordshire Crowns Well done from an early age Why because the puppy is in This stage is easy to train And conservation, be a dog Obedient and lively And more active.

 Taking care of your puppy’s food The biggest success factor Your dog, you must give it a go The biggest time and concern , You tire him out but the result Strong and sexy dog.

 Get used to the puppy Socialize with people And dogs grow in shape Natural and beautiful.

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American Kennel Club, AKC

This breed of dog Enveloped smoothly with strength Great for its size and jaw And his muscles, active and light It has 6 varieties of red color Connected, fawn, white, Black, blue, or lace wig , It ranks as a first family companion For hiking and playing games
  And even hunting.