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alaskan malamute dog breeds, Personal, the health, care, Training, nutrition

 giant alaskan malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are known for their loyalty and dedication, but they are a very fun and playful breed.

price alaskan malamutes

alaskan malamute breed

The Alaskan Malamutes breed is famous She loves her owner, and she is famous By her dedication to the tasks Challenging, training and hunting Nice, loving feature  To play and have fun in a courtyard
  Home with children.

 A strong and durable breed It features a coarse coat Covered with thick hair, Ranked 92nd in terms of Intelligence out
  100 around the world.
 The Alaskan Malamutes dog lives From 10 to 12 years old, he grew up In Alaska, northern European continent He has several beautiful colors Including mixed and homogeneous ones Sable White, Seal White, Black White, Chocolate White, Gray White, As for her mood somewhat fluctuating and that It is caused by bad treatment and lack of concern It also 

features Devoted, Affectionate, and Dignified, Loyal, Playful, Friendly A dog's height varies depending on  Age and gender, adult dog Its height ranges from 60 to  65 for male and 55 to 61 for female.

 The breed can withstand the weather Cold in Alaska and that To get used to it since its inception About 3 pods, it is used To drag sleds over the snow,  And long distance running.

giant alaskan malamute

Strain types Alaskan Malamutes

There are two types of bloodline,
  Alaskan Malamute - M-Lut and Kotzebue The first type contains Bigger pulling force and volume And transmissibility and aggression with predators And enemies, you can meet dogs Of this kind of color  Different from mixed ones And the decoration, black with gray To silver blue with white. 

 Kotzebue, despite compulsory presence  For wolf color, they are in size Near and her coat  Thin but strong.

 These two species are the original ones In Alaska to win a dog Alaman Malamutes must be well taken care of All-round eating, healthier Training, to have his bones strong  A compressed trunk and a tough coat Bear cold and harsh climate.

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The history of the dynasty Alaman Malamutes

The history of the dynasty goes back to ancient times, There were ancestors of a dynasty Malamute are indigenous people  Alaska beaches and has They were born by Malemites - the tribes  The local you live in  These lands are wild and Qadisiyah You grew up in this Regions and developed their dog with them The dog has a coat Strong, stiff leg muscles and Senses strong, over the years Even care about the breed Became famous and conquered the world. 

There were fears of That uncontrolled mating  For this strain, it may not work And the strain is mixed and weakened, But they later managed to Take control of the situation And bring out the best breed For the best extreme weather, by The twenties of the last century, it was possible  Strain restoration, and after 10 years have been recognized Out due to the quality of service They offer in northern Alaska.

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giant alaskan malamute Character

The alaskan malamute giant is considered a dog  Big, big and powerful, A dog that is distinguished by intelligence, strength and  Toughness, to raise it must be given Much time and good experience In dog breeding, he is  It has a difficult nature to understand  In training but your actions With him are the clutch in Owning a good dog.

 At the beginning of alaskan malamute puppy adoption CV must be read Parents' subjectivity, that was There are genetic problems mother No, and then the editing begins For training, like every dog ​​I am Be a little puppy I care More emotional Cuddle and caress And play and signals and give it  Motivations for his success in training.

alaskan malamute gigante

Health and care alaskan malamute breed

You will find it difficult not Affordable to take care of The Alaskan Malamute is a subspecies  From annoying dogs to  Someone to take care of it has Grooming and coat color Coarse and thick hair It takes some experience And discipline from the owner we advise Comb his hair once  Every week, pay attention to it Always where he goes and sleeps, no Let things abound on you Take care of him Organize your time Every day you take care
  With a better dog.

 Take care of the eyes By taking it to a specialist doctor Every month and his ears and not Forget to trim your nails  fortnightly, Bathing is a beautiful thing  Loves dogs but I choose Lotion or soap
  the appropriate.

 I am from a health standpoint Must have training sessions In a grassy area help Its blood circulation and increase His activity, he kept eating  Healthy, regular and  Monitor his weight every week To see any changes Towards obesity.

white alaskan malamute

Training alaskan malamute husky

Training is a beautiful thing And it is necessary and inevitable, Training helps  Your dog's activity and regularity Eat it food and strengthen muscles And weight maintenance Average for your dog.

 As a start to dog training Better to start training And he is a small puppy, to ease  Control it and save it signals Get used to its owner, Designate your puppy or dog Every morning is 20 minutes for fun And played and trained on Barriers or wooded areas  Or animal games, reward Your dog from time to time When passing a mission  Successfully, and memorable The dog was left alone was taken  Perhaps his privacy is tired Or he wants to sit and rest.

 Upon completion of the training Give him a soft mattress and  Healthy food and mineral water Pure, and if necessary, take a bath  Your dog and dry the water From his coat, to take care Dogbum gives you an animal  In, beautiful and healthy.

alaskan malamute dog

food alaskan malamutes

Food, this one of the most important Items that must You should be careful about it, I know What to offer to your dog, if necessary The matter is consulted Canine nutritionist, The most important tips for this breed It is strictly forbidden to eat  Overeat is harmful  For his health, this is fraught As many problems It must be taken in  Mind that they are vulnerable to theft  Food, don't leave it in front of it  Food on its own is it  You crave food all the time.

  Breed is strong and in need Large amount of food, From 3 to 4 meals in Today, the thing in control of Meals is the amount of exercise And the age and size of the dog.

 At the age of less than 6 months It is advisable to give it Fresh milk and supplements Dietary vitamins and fats, and  Always fresh water and never leave Eating in front of the puppy, he may increase He weighed in at a young age.

 As for dogs alaskan malamutes Adult should give them Food in small portions,  Otherwise, it may cause ill Twisting of the intestine.

  -You can use fodder Natural or prepared  At home, that was Buy them in animal stores  Pets near you, it is  Best if it's a class  Excellent please give it to him, Forget about vitamin supplements, Proper nutrition is key Dog health and longevity.

alaskan malamute puppy for sale

Health problems alaskan malamutes

Diseases of Alaskan Malamutes It could be hereditary Or acquired from it, the problem Afflicting the strain After 8 years she is Eye, daytime blindness or hemiplegia. the disease The second is retinal atrophy  Progressive, who can That leads to blindness.

 Problems with the muscular system Structural, make the dog Apathetic or apathetic With exercise or eating Appetite, lethargy and sleep Many, and possibly Loss of some jobs  Kinetic, that I've seen  Something strange in a dog Do not underestimate him and see With a veterinarian Specialist in animals.

price alaskan malamutes

giant alaskan malamute for sale Prices for puppies and dogs vary Adult from one city to another, and determines alaskan malamute puppy for sale Priced according to age and color Male or female and size.
  Puppy price for this item from $ 4000 to 5000 if you wish In buying a puppy from a demo category, You should pay up To $ 9,000 with dogs From this level, you can
  Participation in the most popular exhibitions.



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