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wire haired fox terriers for adoption

wire haired fox terriers for adoption

wire haired fox terriers for adoption

wire fox terrier

Wire fox terrier dog, Bold and beautiful looking dogs  Lively likes to play but not
 With young children, it's active. About the Wire fox terrier dog:

 They live from 13 to 15 years, maximum
  Farest grew up in the city of England Temperament and game average Bold, Keen, Fearless,  Alert, Friendly, Quick, Medium  A weight of a male wire Fox Terrier From 7 to 9 kg, as for females  Others carry from 7 to 8 kg , Is lightweight compared to  With other dogs. Wire Fox Terrier colors,  White, brown and black,  The male height is 36 to 41  Centimeters long and female 34 to 37 centimeters.

 Wire fox terrier dog  Lively and alert, cheerful, Sgt  Excellent, brave and affectionate  For the family, it is ranked 95th from  The 100 Origin of Intelligence is one of its most important characteristics:

wirehaired fox terrier puppy for sale

Characteristics of a wire fox terrier dog

One of its most important characteristics  This dog, he likes activity a lot Continuous Training Free Running  Jitter appears to be left alone without Interesting, this breed is distinguished by strength  And wandering around in many places Loves digging, can't stand strangers  And to its owner, it looks beautiful and striking  In it, his hair is different for attention  From other dogs.

 Many believe the wine fox terrier is a breed The breed is similar to the Smooth Fox Terrier.

Breed of wire fox terrier dog

A fox wire dog breed Terrier characterized by agility and strength, In addition to its shape and Its distinct coat is graceful Their ears are hanging over their head  Two eyes open and a long head  Forward and proportional body Fox wire dog terrier total  Attentive, fast, balanced wiggle muscles Especially strong hind legs.

 A good dog par excellence but needs  To special attention and great To make a wonderful family dog.

History of the breed of wire fox terrier

The Fox Terrier, in Country of England around the 18th century The breed was discovered as a result of hunting Known for her speed and expertise in  Hunting, which resulted in the care of the breed And its development, and one of its most important functions Dimensions keep prey away From the herd and protect Owner's property carefully, The Wire Fox Terrier became a breed  Distinguished dogs from a group  Smooth Fox Terrier by Hybrid  And caring  Especially severe side Health and training with Welsh Black  The Tan Terrier formed a group  Powerful hounds Smart and strong.

 In 1885 the owners of the  The strain is divided into two subspecies To overdrive and strain  Dynasty returns.

wire haired fox terrier for sale

A wire fox terrier figure

Fox wire dogs are  Brave and smart with distinction, love  Adventure and play with people Close ones, one of its most prominent features  She loves exploring, digging and going  The stalking, if you are looking  For a dog for the boys, for a wire dog  A fox terrier is the convenient dog
And the good ones, in addition to the color of his coat  The beautiful, not aggressive dog  And cheerful, loves sanity and  The search has a sense of smell  Strong, characterized by lightness in training  And it has a strong memory to memorize
 Signals during training.

A health wire dog fox terrier

All domestic dogs  Or hounds should
  Take care of it in terms of Health and food, considered dogs The Wire Fox Terrier is a relatively healthy breed with disease  Hereditary, among the diseases  Common to this strain, Epilepsy (epileptic seizures)  It occurs as a result of a shower Excessive cold water to the dog Not drying well, Cataracts (causes The cloud is in the center of the lens Eye and can lead to
Vision loss or loss),  Legg-Perthes disease (loss And the big failure of the muscles Hind legs), Autism (the subspecies is known The density of hair on his head And the edge of his forehead which makes him  Flaking, also have problems  Nose as a result of sleeping in  Cold zone.

fox terrier dog

How do I care for a wire dog fox terrier

Take care of a fox wire dog  A terrier requires experience and information A lot about this small breed For starters, a small house should be provided For the dog, a home with a warm mattress and A large playing and training space, a must  Take care of the dog's external appearance  Because his coat is different to many dogs He combed his wool and took a bath  At least a week, trim  Healthy nails and nutrition, and not forgotten  Give him large amounts of water Because he's an energetic and energetic dog, who His most important qualities are hunting and playing from  Other breeds of dog, relative  To train the dog must be trained  At least 50 minutes  To strengthen his muscles.

 They are originally tough dogs  Education, but you must be patient  And deal with it kindly Because they are dogs that love to joke.

Train a wire dog fox terrier

Most of the time it is  Wire fox terrier dogs  Stubborn, but well treated  Gently and gracefully makes him an obedient dog  Smarter.

 That training a fox wire dog  Since it is a centered terrier  The dog is a small puppy, a must  The dog's owner has to teach him from a young age  Routine methods and methods help Dog comprehension, for example:

 Teaching the dog a fox terrier Wire looking for a new home When it's time to eat, if you start Exercise, teach him beautiful movements Simple, artificial means such as  Mice, rabbits, birds ... to practice
 And teaching him to stalk, not to leave food  In front of him for fear of gaining weight And his obesity that results  Lethargy and diseases, leaving the dog  Alone in large green spaces  Every now and then, all these tips  It should be taken seriously  To have a loyal and strong dog.

fox terrier dog

Proper feeding for a wire dog fox terrier

That your dog's safety and strength lies In its food, the highest quality food  It is essential for a healthy dog Strong, the best recommended food for a dog  The wire of a fox terrier is 1.5 to 2  A cup of high quality food And all of this is divided into two parts: A dog's diet varies from dog to dog
  Else, according to age, weight and The dog's daily activity.

 For example, by a wire  Fox terrier need quantities  Large fresh milk in 3  The first months to strengthen muscles and  The bones, then their weight begins to increase  She introduces her to meat designated for her  Contains a significant amount of  Vitamins and fats.

 The amount of food for adult dogs  It is necessary according to Her activity and weight, advice do not leave  Food in front of her because dogs don't know  Damages of frequent meals She craves everything in front of her.
 If your dog has an augmentation  On weight, do a test  The eye and practical test.

wire haired terrier breeds

white german shepherd and black

Coat color and grooming

Dog coat, containing Smooth Fox Terriers have both soft and hard coats  A thick Wire Fox Terrier coat is dense  So much so, he's kinda grumpy, even  If you want to see skin The dog is tough, the length of the hair  Short in the entire dog only area  The head is long hair  And covers his forehead and eyes, the color  White is a rare and precious color  Both Smooth and Dog Wire Fox Terrier, as it is easy to spot dogs  Strong and competent in hunting.

 Regarding cleaning a fox wire dog A terrier does not need a brush because  His hair is abundant and strong, but it should  Clean them once a week to maintain  Of germs and diseases, and so on  Smell, take care of the appearance A dog wire fox terrier is as a  Your dog's success is vital and healthy, no
  Forget nails, they are also a must
  To trim from time to time.