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welsh terrier dog breeds (Smart dogs)

 welsh terrier adoption

welsh terrier adoption

Welsh Terrier

Welsh dogs, both friendly  And loving to play smart with a percentage It is ranked 99th in terms of intelligence, Welsh terrier breeds, awakening breeds  And characterized by a sense of humor is one of the most famous  Dogs are ranked in terms of calm  In, the game is not quarrelsome, fierce  With enemies and she has a memory
Powerful for memorizing people and signs
  During training.

Specifications Welsh terrier

The Welsh terrier dog is distinguished by its calmness  And intelligence is sometimes rugged  And severe, with a thin leather plate  And different colors, including black and white He has a long head and big hair on his ears Long legs, but she has speed
  Lean in running, Welsh terrier breed
 It is of British origin.

 Welsh terrier size:
 Male Welsh terrier from 20 to 22 pounds. For the female, it is less Size only during pregnancy increases weight  Up to 27 lbs.

 Life span Welsh terrier:
 She lives from 12 to 16 years as one  Maximum and healthy living conditions. Welsh terrier height:

 Medium  Her height is 15 inches for males either  Females are 13 inches tall. It is considered a breed of Welsh terrier dog
  A popular strain acquired by many  Of persons, topping the rank  107 out of 196 dogs, In terms of popularity to people.

Best Welsh Terrier dog food

Every dog ​​must take care of its food,  Feeding a Welsh terrier would be preferred
  Be high quality food, either It is canned, processed or natural food,  And it's best to be a specialist  Dogs in vaccination. That red and white meat and  The food here is the best food  For your dog, age difference remains the factor  The only one that in turn increases or decreases  The amount of food.

 In the first months it is a dog
  There is still a puppy recommended two meals From fresh milk, which helps him
 On the hardness of his bones and the growth of his muscles With an increase in age, the diets increase  But he does not like to leave the food in front of him alone
 It will make him become obese, which in turn  It makes him slow, lazy, and exposed to a lot  Of diseases, when in doubt, weigh your dog  Every now and then or consult a doctor  Vet if you have any concerns about
  The dog's weight or diet, Water must be available Clean and fresh at all time because your dog is vital and active and needs water in abundance.

welsh terrier adoption

How do I take care of the health of a Welsh terrier dog

Health tips or daily routine Health for a Welsh stone dog, with practice  These everyday things will find that your dog  It grows naturally and healthy and sees  Great results, cheerful and lively dog  Clean and family friendly.

 Ahead tips for a Welsh stone dog Adult, Welsh puppies should be taken care of  Healthy and strong overall and thriving  With regular care and do not look like crunch  Many other puppies, that
By assaulting her food, he tried to feed her
  Recommended healthy food from  A dog specialist, first Fresh milk to cured meats  Whether new slaughter or canned, in  This period of growth of a terrier puppy
  Welsh bee bone started in Sclerosis and his skin becomes thick.

 As for an adult Welsh terrier we suffer  More in outward appearance  Comb his hair and take care of his ears  And brushing his teeth and masking him twice  Per week, when cases arise As healthy as allergy problems And hip dysplasia and Legia disease Calveh Perthes, you must take the dog To the nearest canine specialist to look
  In this health problem.
 But taking care of the dog remains a healthy solution  Wonderful for a beautiful and lively dog.

Methods of training a Welsh terrier dog

Sport is the main factor  For dog health and activity, from During which you can also learn points The strength and weakness of your Welsh dog  Among these methods are as follows:

 That Welsh Terriers are dogs  High energy and activity, from The best training method, running  With a dog in a grassy garden
  And play volleyball or whatever Knows the flying disc, do not forget  Leave the dog alone to play  So he gets tired because that is watching  Its blood circulation is revitalizing  Leg muscles, a while  To post the dog walking distances  Long with the seashore or  Mountainous areas, make him inhale  Fresh and clean air, giving a dog
  Welsh since he was a puppy lyrics  And signs and repeat them with him  Every day to preserve it,  Welsh terrier loves barking
  Bark a lot, do not deal with it  Whether worried or not  desirable.

The origin of the Welsh stone dynasty

That present a specific time to the date of the breed  Impossible Welsh terrier
 But the dynasty began in the 18th century , Used in this century to guard Livestock and animals, but with a passage Time is taking its intelligence increases And its unwinding power, too, is used in  Hunting otters and rabbits  And a quail bird, known for its courage  For strong and huge prey,  Welsh terrier dog is not afraid  And he is not afraid to have teeth  And claws are sharp.

  famous welsh terriers

One of the most popular selling Welsh dogs
  And for people to gain, is that Dogs that are distinguished by intelligence and
  Beautiful color of them.

 Craigslist Welsh terrier:
  Lovable dog with damp hair  And a tall, energetic and strong dog. Welsh terrier barking: this species  It is used a lot in guarding homes  And the stables for a lot of barking.
 Beloved Wells Terrier: Small
  The size is white and black -He likes to play a lot with children , Does not like strangers and excels  More obedient.
 Large welsh terrier: huge  And he's up to 25 lbs Slow-moving, but polite. 
Gray Welsh terrier: One of the most beautiful Welsh dogs,  Rare beautiful gray hair  This type is acquired by  Its color is light gray.
 Welsh bull terrier;
  This kind is the hardest to get into Education, bumpy and fierce edition.