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Rhodesia Ridgeback Strong Dogs

Rhodesia Ridgeback Strong Dogs

rodezya ridgeback

 rodezya ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed , Is an intelligent and powerful breed, occupies
Ranked 96th in terms of intelligence from  Out of 100, but stubborn at some  Sometimes, she has a lot of energy And a rich coat of wet hair  Short and easy to care for , The breed loves sports and  The practice is rich in gameplay  And hunting, all must be met  The breed needs to curl  Ridgback dog is loyal and strong.
 The origin of the breed is from the South  Africa, use  A Rhodesian Ridgeback dog in a hunt Black possesses a strong jaw  Speed ​​in running and maneuvering Cared for by ancient Africans And take out of him a strong dog And loyal and patient
  A large extent.

rodezya ridgeback

glimpse of a dog rhodesian ridgeback

Rhodesia ridgeback dogs are well known  With strength, enthusiasm, intelligence, hunting Nice looking, but in some  Sometimes it is harmful and  Because of improper breeding Or cruel treatment by binding the dog  For a long time it becomes more  Runner and jittery.

 The average lifespan of a ridgeback from  10 to 12 years old in conditions  A healthy and healthy living , Its height in relation to the male  64 to 70 cm,  The female is from 60  To 66 cm long. If he mentioned ridgeback from 36 to 40 kg As for the non-pregnant female  From 29 to 33 kg  Maximum. Colors; Popular with
  Ridgback dog takes color  Red is like wheat, a color  Light red, originally from the city  Rhodesia, a South African country Temperament, good and good at  Most of the time but hostile  With strangers, the dog is not to be left behind  Alone for a long time  It should be mixed with people
  For training, fun and hunting.

rodezya ridgeback

Proper nutrition for the Rhodesia Ridgeback Dog

You want a strong, brave, beautiful dog
 Healthy, craving, attractive, hunter, most important  Something which is his healthy food,  (Prevention is better than cure) a saying  Mashoor Fry What do you eat I say
  You have the ratio of your strength and your intelligence.

 The best foods for a dog  Rhodesia Ridgeback Daily  Recommended 2 to 4 cups
  Of high quality daily food  Divided into two or two meals,  These two meals have a connection  With the dog's age,  The extent of his daily activity.

 If your dog is active it is It needs more than just  Potato dog, don't leave food  In front of the dog because he desired  Something to eat, may lead to  Weight gain and lethargy
  And many diseases due to obesity They love to ski In water, toys and consumes  A large amount of energy for this  It is advisable to organize meals Watch your dog frequently, that  Necessary weigh your dog each A day and write down everything to know  Is his diet correct to adjust  It has to increase or decrease.

 In the event that suspicion arises Your dog's health or diet  Consult your veterinarian Specialist and don't forget to change the water  Constantly drinking as he needs  The largest amount of fresh water and meat  Crunchy and natural  Red and white.

rodezya ridgeback

Health problems and how to take care of them

Mostly Rhodesia ridgeback dogs  Strong, healthy dogs When you want to buy a Rhodesia puppy Ridgeback is important to choose a vendor  Trusted, healthy parent
  The puppy to see which problems he suffers  Including father, a common disease
  For this strain and that appear Most of them after maturity and adulthood.

 Difficulty elbow dysplasia for dog: and she
  A genetic condition that affects an adult dog  Due to improper food at a stage  4 to 5 months of the dog's life, Causing laxity in the joints and Weight loss, most of the time a must  Dog surgery  To reduce his pains.

 Hip dysplasia problem: is  Also, a genetic condition that you find Between the dog's thigh bone with a joint  Hip, causing the dog to slouch  On the hind legs and limping , Cause him a big pains disproportionate  The thigh bone snugly  With a hip joint. Show some Dogs are in pain and lameness on one  Her hind legs, or both But you may not notice any signs  On the discomfort of the affected dog  Hip dysplasia.

 Arthritis: occurs  As a result of aging, from Must be 8 to 12 years old  Eat calcium-rich  And see the dog at a specialized doctor  From time to time, that is an action  X-ray examination for a defect Hip dysplasia problem in places  Several and is recommended by an institution Orthotics for animals.

rodezya ridgeback

Train a Rhodesia Ridgeback dog

Training a Rhodesia Ridgeback dog is not  Easy is a strong dog And very active, is that level of intelligence  He has a high, but he needs attention  Severe, a bit fierce during  Exercises but loves to play and run And hunting, an effective way to train him  Keeping movements  And words and signals to order What or taking and replying is something else, better  A place to practice is a spacious and lush place  And there are many barriers and games Trained preys, don't forget to leave  The dog alone many times it may be  Need a rest or a walk  Its alone, but watch out for meals  The food placed in front of him had  Be caused by an increase Weight or other illnesses. 

rodezya ridgeback

Cleanliness of your dog

The cleanliness of your dog is an important factor for his health  And his activity, all must be taken care of Small and big in a dog, The Rhodesian Ridgeback has hair loss to some extent  But the regulation of hair fall removal  Brushing every 4 days with a bath Warm with soap, also your dog's nails
  Do not forget to evaluate and clean it every week His ears and under his belly should be  Take care of these organs more  Because it is the first source for a pool
  Dirt and microbes.

rodezya ridgeback

Quick information on the Rhodesia Ridgeback dog

rodezya ridgeback:
 Strong, loyal, average temperament He loves to play, is from the south  Africa, genetic diseases upset Skilled hunter, powerful jaw in time They kept catching him until Black, its beautiful red color.

 Are Ridgeback dogs aggressive?
Not this breed of dogNot aggressive, but you become Aggressive for wrong breeding or Tied the dog for a long time as a capacity
General bad treatment It produces a hostile dog.

 Can a Rhodesian Ridgeback kill a lion?
In 1956 the dogs did Rhodesia Ridgeback to kill a lion In South Africa but inThat time the dogs are strong And trained and eat normal, Yes, he can kill a lion.

 Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks good pets?
 Yes, they are pets par excellence.

Rhodesian ridgeback price: Every region is different From puppy to adult dog
 About $ 800.

Rhodesian Rescue Operations
Ridgepack: In 1997 The strain became seriously ill It led to extinction but moved
 Authorities to save her, Care and medication.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Size: Not lean or not lean dogs With pump dogs it weighs 55 lbs.

 Its best colors: Blue ridgeback Rhodesian Rhodesian Black, Rhodesia Ridgeback Red Wheat. 
rodezya ridgeback