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Information on italian grayhound whippet, the health, care, Training, nutrition

Are Whippets good pets?

Do Whippets make good pets?

 Characteristics of a dog whippet

The Whippets Dog Breed, Is a medium sized breed I grew up in the England scanty state Appearance, graceful, I used To hunt small prey Like rabbits and birdsDogs are very similar Greyhound is suffering Whippets have health problems A few on the whole Genetic ones and onesacquired by Informal breeding.

 Whippets dog features: The dog lives from 12 to 15 years maximum, Panama speeds up to 55 km per hour, Tremendous speed due to His lightness and long legs And agile, its mass or Whippets weight is adult From 7 to 14 kg For females I am less a pound, The mood of the dog Affectionate, Lively, Intelligent, Friendly, Quiet, Gentle, as for high The dog is a dog Tall and strong build And the dhikr knit above 50cm and female From 45 to 50 cm long.

 England recognized the breed For its lightness in hunting and Tracking and its lightness, it is A skilled and patient fisherman In addition to Her rare health problems.

Are Whippets needy?

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The history of the dynasty Whippet

Whippet It is a modern breed that was done It was discovered only 200 years ago Or 250 years in England Its origin is, it is said The origin of the mating of greyhounds With the fast dogs that It resulted in Whippet, a dog Long legged, intelligent and laid back Rank limit 93 out of 100 dogs for the world.

 In England, its population rivals To make the strain more Catching strength and speed Small prey, where They were meeting up with Whippet In parks and gardens And launch a large number of Birds and rabbits are watching Whippet dog performance in Jacking.

 I used the strain Also in races for length Its legs and looseness, in 1889 who won Through her the fastest dog In England at that time.

How do I stop my whippet from barking?

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Character Whippet 

Dogs are friendly, gentle and calm Love to train and learn, smart Character Whippet is intense Prey stalking for length Her leg and hind legs, Do Whippets bark a lot? No dogs do not bark a lot but focus On a specific target and hunt I drove her with confidence and accuracy Dogs love and love children Playing, running and walking Long distances in the mountains And on the banks of rivers. 

in the beginning We recommend a Whippet puppy Pay more attention to it in observing each Small and big in Puppy, take more care of its food It should be healthy And fresh water, after the age of 8 Months you can say that Your dog has become strong and healthy.

 Do not imprison or isolate your dog Lonely for a long time is a must Take it out for a walk and see Other breeds of dogs To get used to humans and Places crowded with people.

Are Whippets good pets

Dog health Whippet

That dog's health is a factor Essential for a good dog and Lively and beautiful, for whom We say health, we say food Good and rich in vitamins And fats and others Of healthy eating for the dog.

 To maintain health Your dog, from a month old To a year, feed him quantities Considered fresh milk, To kill existing worms In his gut, take care of it, too Coat, shower and Teeth cleaning and doing Routine cycles to Specialist physician Dog puppies.

 Whippet dogs are fuming From anesthesia and some Other medications, that Sensitivity is a bad thing To the dog when he was injured by it You find him rubbing constantly And moving around and panting, and The main reason is to leave the dog Alone in places Not clean and dirty.

  Deafness: a problem that occurs Mostly Whippet puppies  In the early months of his life Talk to him because of a deficiency Take care of it and can Help her through Vibrating hoops to facilitate Walk and move around Eye diseases: 

may become infected Some dogs have defects And various diseases in The eye may be the result of this Hereditary and may be acquired Because when early analyzes The truth about the disease does not appear Only after two years of The dog's age.

 Von Willebrand disease It is a blood disorder It can be found at Frequently aggressive dogs There are developments and clotting For blood in places of organs Dog, bleeding occurs From time to time To the dog from his nose or gums Or under his ears.

 The most dangerous of this is exit Yellow water color from His faeces and the disease It may not have a cure, however Consult a doctor nearby It is better to do the checks Medicinal needed for the dog.

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Take good care of a dog Whippet

Whippet dog care is not The hard thing, he's a dog Just very smart and shrewd It needs a large area For running, playing and floor Herbal, must be caressed Dog and play with him And give him time to take care By it, he needs in the cold Cold coat or A jacket that protects him.


 Play with the dog game Hide and seek Prey and predator To accustom him to hunting Real, Grant Whippet 25 to 30 minutes He walked and ran to accustom him His feet to walk, In money he was his age Less than 9 months 20 One minute training every day Sufficient for him, as for age more From years 30 to 40 A good training minute Don't stress him more for you His joints are not tired.

 That Whippet Dogs Very sensitive dogs That I dealt with them violently Or coach them by shouting, you will find A dog loves to escape from you And he will not train and hear your words Better be patient with them And motivate them to eat Maine Once in a while after passing it Successful specific training phase, Be his brother in training And his friend in fishing.

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Train a dog whippet

Good dog training Lies in your actions with him Any dog ​​loves a caring owner And compassionate, and at the same time The patient owner, the most important one Something in motivational training Always stimulate your dog after passing it Any test with a nice reward Example, sweet snacks Or a hug or wipe his hair Or massage him, that's how he learns The dog quickly becomes His intelligence is connected With your gifts for him. 

Training for 29 One minute every day is enough For an active and healthy dog And fun with children And family, make your training Buy alone with him Hurdles and rabbits and Plastic birds, And teach your dog the words And signals with time Get used to hearing it, And he does it on his own Running and walking are most important Training for the dog reinforces His energy and blood circulation But don't overtrain An injury is likely Your dog has a muscle spasm And exhaustion.

italian grayhound whippet

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food Whippet

Proper nutrition An essential factor for a dog Whippet is recommended Give it your daily intake Recommended: 1 to 2  cups of dry food Daily high quality and Which are divided according to Age, weight, and activity Daily for the dog.

 Whippet dog puppies  She loves fresh milk In the first 5 months of her life Give it red meat Fresh and tender, after age 10 months of training Daily for your dog to feel hungry And open his appetite, but not to overdo it  In eating he may be infected Obese, lethargic And afflicted with fatigue and laziness, will probably Exposure to many diseases. 

Watch for fresh water and eating Consistently, weigh your dog Every week to see its developments.

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Coat color and grooming

That grooming and coat The Whippet dog is beautiful Easy to take care of and don't own Thick hair, its colors Different there is black White, blue, brown, and Mixed, use Butterflies to keep Coat cleaner using Mattresses, bathe your dog Every week he probably slept In a dirty place or He had a skin allergy I use soap Bathing and drying The good in the latter.

 That the skin of greyhounds Gentle keep it from Scratches during training Or go fishing Always check his body And watch it closely.

Also take care of nails Watch her increase and Grow her cut and take care His teeth twice a week At least clean them carefully Watch your dog, too Suffering from problems Hereditary gums. Never let a Whippet dog lie  On bare surfaces and Hard areas, give him a mattress Warm and spacious place To walk in it and relax his feet On a grass floor, that Monitor your dog frequently Small and large, easy You earn a good and loyal dog And lively and beautiful And a skilled hunter.

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Common questions about the breed

Do dogs that make Good Pets?
 Yes without a doubt whippet canines  Fiber par excellence, it is  Smart and a good huntress The evidence for that is England  A country that takes care of this breed Nice and loving  For family and children.

 Do dogs bark?  Greyhound too much? No, don't bark too much, she is  Muted and silently working  In hunting and guarding. 

Are dogs needy? Yes, you need to take care of it  Out and set aside time  To train her and play with her, But all this is quietly and  Patience, they are dogs Very sensitive.

 How tall are dogs? Height varies from  The female, the male and the dog  Adult and non-adult Average height  50 cm long.

 How can I prevent The dog from the bark? Play with him and introduce him  Eat healthy and delicious And know the reason for his barking First, perhaps there is a danger And something like that.

 Are dogs Do you like hugs? Yes, she loves to hug hard  She is sensitive and loving.
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 Can the dogs be left
  Seleucid alone? Yes, we can leave it alone  But not for long  It needs hype
  And fun every day.