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irish soft coated wheaten terrier

irish terrier

Irish Terrier Terrier or Ma Known as the intelligent Irish terrier An extremely affectionate and affectionate breed of dogs Beautiful, love to play and walk Breed of Irish Terrier dogs  A pure breed with distinction, it is powerful  And intelligence, it ranks 97th from  The origin of 100 dogs by intelligence One of her most famous missions in disaster  Natural known as sense  Powerful sniffing to rescue victims.

 Terry is the Irish one From ancient breeds bred  In the country of Ireland, a clever dog from  Simi is because he's moody  Bad breeder or handling  Violently with the dog, it is called a  Irish dog sun dog  Which is characterized by captivating magic or
  Brave demon because of energy  Boiled and excessive guts , But if you can save  Much attention and patience And the space for movement, it will be  You have an Irish terrier dog  A loving companion for life In fancy and play  With family.

irish soft coated wheaten terrier

History of the Irish Terrier breed

The history of the Irish Terrier dog breed
  To 1870, where  Every province was Irish  You win a group of dogs  Irish terrier, canine variety  In terms of size and color, keep  A pure breed, intelligent, loving  For people, it was different growth  And the color of dogs, in the north  East of the state in the county  Antrim, the dogs were brown  And black and white in the county

it was the standards of the breed
  The last century is different  Until 1879 the dynasty began  Pure and in high demand In many Irish clubs Dynasty remained mysterious not met  Preserve documentary evidence from The last century on the origin of the breed  Real, dynasty spoke  Irish terrier difficult conditions  From the First World War  And the second and I overcame the circumstances  Cruel until the 1980s It started getting better and they studied it  A sterile study, I became  Loving and beautiful dogs.
irish soft coated wheaten terrier

Description of the breed of Irish terrier dog

Irish dog breed, The Irish Terrier is an average dog  Size, it has a medium weight
  And the height at the withers is about 46 cm  Or 19-inch, lightweight dogs  Differs from the Irish terrier  To an adult Irish terrier dog The adult is 12.5 kg, as for the female  A non-pregnant woman is about 11 kg. A strain characterized by strength and speed  And vitality of the characteristics of an Irish dog:

Irish terrier head

The head of an Irish terrier dog is distinguished, Long head with a front part
  Narrowing of the nose and ears  Long and lush with long hair  Come down on the front and  Eyes, long and strong dome.

irish soft coated wheaten terrier

The upper body of an Irish stone

It has a compact, lean body,  With well developed and strong muscles   But beautiful and light, its tail  Medium and straight, full belly And a large back, lower abdomen hair Dense, the appearance of the dog creates a feeling  With elegance, lightness and playfulness  Speed ​​and power.

 We return to its color, most of the colors
  The Irish Terrier has the color  Red and copper red,  Irish red terrier And there is an Irish black terrier The limbs are not very very long  But he has strong muscles on  Back ends, links exist  Knuckles near the ground help him On movement and lightness is expressed  The metatarsal is wead, The clutch is rounded, small, But it's powerful including Enough to jump and run.

irish soft coated wheaten terrier

Is the Irish Terrier agreeable or nervous?

Every dog ​​is a must  Take care of her puppies, from all Training or health aspects When the dog is reached, the result is  A beautiful, trained and energetic dog And lover of its owner, for example  The Irish Terrier has a system  Nervous strong, allows him to save  Many things either signs or  Sports training for a team Or a tournament, you find him following the mission With perfect clarity and great focus and who Best of all: 

dedication to performance  Tasks, and guts at times  Difficult, persistence and self-control  And the big focus, the lack of errors Commitment to time and deadlines, The Irish Terrier is a dog In and a noble dog to its owner , The nature of his personal character  Indomitable Irish are the soul  Pride and sometimes stubbornness and indifference  Courage, Irish Terry He is an excellent companion, a hunter par excellence,  A guard known for his strong barking tone  , Service dog all the time, and
  It is characterized by great jaw power  Towards the enemies. 

irish soft coated wheaten terrier

How to train an Irish terrier?

The Irish Terrier is considered to be from  Strong and smart dogs, he is  Saves everything you say to him in  A little while, most of the doctors  Dogs recommend these dogs  For its strength and rapid preservation  To perform the tasks. 

For example you want who  A dog that memorizes something and  You want to bring it to him with a word or Standard signal, red wheel She throws it away and gives him a signal to return it  To you, but when the dog returns With the ball you give him a reward for his work For example meat or food, In the second experiment you confuse him The balls are different balls
 Colors when the ball is mentioned Red, here comes the red ball  Of all the balls and so on  With the rest of the games Fast Irish Terrier Intelligent and very shrewd.

gray irish terrier

Health care for an Irish Terrier dog

Irish Terriers are among the most powerful  Dogs are distinguished by a strong physique It is cold and heat free  From genetic trouble, his bones  Strong and knit joints  Young, most potential disease  Get distortions and malfunctions in  Hip dysplasia, its ancient history  In the last century he made it acquire  Strong immunity, help him cope  On common diseases of dogs. Most of what an Irish dog is exposed to  Skin sensitivity, which is caused by  Not taking care of the dog and leaving it on  Dirt, dog's failure to clean  Take care of his ears and hooves. 

The Irish Terrier has rough skin  Long damp hair, no need  To comb only shower once or  Twice a week, the Irishman is  An active, energetic dog that takes effort  Physical enough for a strong physical build, He needs a long walk
  And playing from time to time, So a person should not start  Zombie breeds an Irish Terrier dog  Because he's a sensitive dog
 It needs great care.

gray irish terrier

Irish terrier dog food

The most important thing to a lovely dog's success The vitality of the dog's nutrition and health, It is recommended to eat Irish hound puppies  From 3 to 5 months old, eating Healthy, represented by natural milk
  Until the dog grows to the age of a year Or a year and a half, here apply to the dog
 From 1.5 to 2 cups of food High quality and recommended dry  From the doctor, in addition To red and white meat  Containing a large amount of  Proteins and fats that help  On the activity of your dog, and all this is  Divided into twice a day:

 This quantity should be presented at  Basis, dog age and level His activity, but the food quality is The main factor of the dog, hold on  Your adult Irish dog is in a situation
  Good by measuring his food And feed him twice a day instead Who leaves food all the time, if  I was not sure whether to suffer from  Gain weight, give him the practical test, Put your hands on the back, thumbs on
  Spine length, with spread  Fingers down.

 You should be  Able to feel but not see
 Ribs without the need for pressure
  Powerfully this way you know your dog In good health or in need of attention. If you see symptoms in a dog, fail Lack of mobility,
 Fatigue, slow dog speed, you should  Consult a specialist as fast as possible.

irish soft coated wheaten terrier

irish terrier puppies for sale near me

Irish Dog prices vary by region  To other, most of the sellers irish soft coated wheaten terrier puppies for sale near me
 You find them fraudsters, so it is desirable  Navigate to the seller's hub, either  In the Irish state or regions Others, don't forget when buying your dog To take it to a specialist Dogs to know dog disease and its faults.