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Information on the Boston Terrier dog (Smart dog)

Information about the Boston Terrier, the smartest dog

boston terrier dog breed

 all about boston terriers

The Boston Terrier ranks among the smartest  Kinds of dogs and their small size is considered Lover of many people, enjoys Boston Terrier dog with physical strength Great for jumping and running, dog Fun,

 fun-loving and quick-witted And Alzkan, ranked 100 globally In terms of intelligence, it is an authentic Boston terrier From the USA

 I ranked them as the best little sporting dog Sized, he has two ears that always pop
  Standing upright, to the side Its tail is of short length and which You find that he is motivated by his many activities
  And its vitality.

 Boston Terrier, a loving dog  And everyone who gains it finds it Wonderful and beautiful dog.

boston terrier dog breed

Boston Terrier dog specification

The Boston Terrier has a personality  Smart, reasonably not dogs Smart and not stupid dog, but classified Incorporated early intelligent dogs, possessed The nose has a short length in the shape of a square Short hair, mostly black or white Breed, small head and legs Strong, lightweight, two eyes Open and large, average

 And it is from 13 to 24 kg For a male Boston Terrier The Boston female Terry ranges It weighs from 10 to 22 kg. Boston Terrier dog length ranges  14 to 16 inches and medium His age is from 11 to 14 years.

 It appears wrinkle-free, to me  Side enjoyment of a shaped skull A square, Boston Terrier has two thighs Strong, in addition to the eyes Bulbous, prominent, and ranges The average weight of this type of dog From 12 to 25 lbs, while it ranges Average length from 15 to 17 inches Their ages usually range from 11 to 13 years old.

 The dog is originally from the United States, Boston Terrier dog temperament: Lively, Intelligent, Friendly Its common colors Black, White, Brindl, White, Seal & Wh The purebred Boston Terrier is a sporty dog ​​par excellence. 

boston terrier dog breed

Favorite feed of the Boston Terrier dog

Feeding a Boston Terrier dog, that  Feed any dog, or hound Domestic dog, food is it  The big secret to owning a smart dog,  Strong, cheerful and healthy, that is food  Boston Terrier dog at most Sometimes his food is just Various factors:

 1) Dog size:
 That the dog was large  Above necessary should be given The dog only has two meals each day And in an orderly manner, the meal contains  From 2 to 3 kg of materials
  Dry food of high quality And healthy, in addition to small amounts  It is rich in protein red meat  And fat.

 2) Boston Terrier dog age:

 The dog's age is of great importance In his diet, a Boston dog  An adult terrier is different from Boston puppies  Terrier, for example puppies Boston loves in the first 3 months  Fresh milk and dry food And be organized until the dog grows up And increase his weight, then change his fast  To various materials and  Red and white meat.

The amount of activity practiced by the dog: 

Dog activity is also a factor Dog food changed, that was advised. 
 The dog is extraordinarily active and plays With family all day long, and he has it  A great space to spend his time in  With puppy and fun, here we add an extra meal
  For the dog and provide him with a lot of water.

Metabolism and monitoring

To avoid infecting the dog with swelling  Belly, always the educator must Monitor your dog's weight regularly, As this type of dog It has a small stomach It is therefore advisable to avoid serving any quantities  Overpaid to him, and not to leave food in front of him.

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Breeding and caring for Boston Terriers

Breeding and caring for Boston Terriers,  Great attention to it is preferred to lose each On the dog's ears, hair and teeth And toenails, and it is advisable Bathe it every 5 days, as recommended Leave. 

 the dog on the soft bed And herbal medicine to avoid rabies from Sleeping on hard ground, be conservative On the cleanliness of the Boston Terrier dog And his health makes him a cheerful dog And a beautiful, smart and polite dog.

 If you see in your dog symptoms at His tongue, eyes, or barking sound It's better to see a doctor A specialist to look into his condition.

boston terrier dog breed

How to train dogs Boston Terrier

The hardest thing about dog breeding Proper food and good training, Every dog ​​is differently trained, there Intelligent dogs that are easy and fun to train The Boston Terrier has training Private, ranks out of 100 firsts of Where intelligence and acumen, in addition to His physical strength that helps him run Jumping and moving around will help him Too much to train.

 The Boston Terrier needs a practice  A number of exercises related to Light type regularly, with Complete food fit for training and recovery His lost strength, conditions for training a dog  Boston Terrier you should be in  Evening or early morning why? 

At this time, the heat and the cold A woman helps him apply all  Movements, Boston Terriers enjoy  Very sensitive to the voice of its owner :

 So she is highly sensitive to action That its breeder might make a mistake Small or hard training, the dog feels He is wronged and the training is harsh And become a nervous and aggressive dog, It is best to train the dog gently And love and consideration for health The dog is the first.

Types of dogs Boston terrier

There are 3 types of Boston terrier Boston Terrier coat is very short and narrow, As is almost the case in all  Body parts. 

There are individuals Originals of three colors: black and white:

 Kitty with artificial light looks like  Black and white, but in the light Natural clear red color; Tiger Boston blue terrier Boston red terrier Black Boston Puppies
 Boston Terrier dogs.

boston terrier dog breed