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ibizan hound puppies for sale

ibizan hound puppies for sale

How much does an Ibizan Hound cost

ibizan hound

Ibizan dog, this is considered a dog  Unique, why? For its shape  Different from other dogs  It is a very similar dog Greyhound, one of  Popular hounds, either  Ibizan dogs are distinguished by legs  Long, strong, fast, and slim Weak body, but solid and superior  In many things, a narrow belly And short hair and a long tail. 

His head  Tall and skinny, brown eyes  Long ears characterized by the sense of hearing Strong, weak chest and sharp help  Much into jogging, he has an advantage  Good tail move Quickly turn left and right to see
  An enemy or prey, weak barking  Kind of, it has a grave-like body  Big deer, body
 Agile and light.

 Ibizan dog is characterized by calm  And Nirvana, a loving dog It is characterized by light play With a sense of humor and fun.
 The Ibizan dog is used In running and hunting competitions  On rabbits, it also occupies Ranked 97th in terms of
  Intelligence out of 100 globally.

The history of the Ibizan hound dog

History of the Ibizan dog, a history  The subspecies is not so long ago discovered
  1956 in the states  USA, became famous
  Quail dog hunts and rabbits  And small-sized prey,  But most owners of the Ibizan breed  They say the origin of the breed is from Spanish island where he grew up
  And learn all the features of intelligence
 And fishing on the island  Spanish Ibiza.

 This strain was recognized in a state  United States of America 1979, which occupies the rank  97 in terms of intelligence and rank  151 in terms of audience popularity  AKC, dog order started
  After contests  Many beautiful dog features  In playing, running and hunting.

How much does an Ibizan Hound cost

ibizan hound characteristics

Characteristics of the Ibizan dog  Fine, he loves to play And fun and hunting, an intelligent breed  Fast has a different look
  For many dogs it is Faithful dogs and love their owner Dogs were used in circus
  For fun and laughter, but in fact  They are strong and aggressive dogs For prey, one of its characteristics Hunting small rabbits.

 Their length ranges from 23 To 27 inches for males Females are from 22 to 25  Inches, average lifespan in  Good health and well taken care of  More than 12 to 15 years old.
 As for the weight of male Ibizan dogs  50 lbs, and other females  The stand is 45 lbs and the stand reaches  Up to 55 lbs.
 These dogs are classified within  Hunting dogs and domestic dogs.

Best Ibizan Hound Food

Proper nutrition for your dog  It is the primary factor for success  And the growth of a dog is stubborn and strong  The cuisine varies according to age  Dog and physical exertion  He is doing, for example  Example Ibizan hound puppies  She loves rich, fresh milk  With calcium to build strong bones. 

 The adult dogs eat here  Depending on the effort for this A hound must be fed  Ibizan food is high Quality and monitor from the organization  International Dog Food Control Red meat is recommended  The casserole is rich in protein  And fat and given to the dog  Twice a day,on A situation where the dog overweight  The one farthest from it, the food does not leave
  The food in front of him is alone, too  I saw other changes consult  Your veterinarian or breeder  Dog if you have any questions  Or concerns about weight  Your dog or his diet.

Basics of Ibizan Hound Grooming

That the basics Ibizan Hound , Has a short, smooth coat  Or a wire coat, a clean dog  Never leave itself in a dirty place  Most of the time he cleans himself by himself,  But he needs help with  Trim nails and remove insects from  His ears and brushing his teeth  Every 2 or 3 days, his hair is short  Generally theater and beautiful not needed  To lay off, let go of the dog  Lonely for some time needed  To rest, laziness and sleep Walk the dog Ibizan for distances  Long helps session  Bloody flow.

 Also do not forget about organizing sleep  The dog, its place to play, train and sleep  It is desirable to have a place  Herbal but not solid, watch  Your dog is constantly in condition A sudden change in behavior  Your dog's lack of activity, don't be complacent  To take it to a doctor  Veterinarian for dogs.

How much does an Ibizan Hound cost

How do I take care of a Ibizan Hound

Hounds Ibizan, that  Take care of this dog is a must  First, to know what he loves  And what he dislikes for a sake  Example is  If unhappy dogs She did not have a chance to run  Every day in mountainous places And a herbivore, the dog must be trained  On the hunt either in truth  Or, in a fake way, by taking  Fake rabbit and make dog  Try to catch him, don't forget too  The dog took a rest  On the warm bed or in the Green yard and enjoy the radiance  Sun and relax after
  Each session is trained or managed.

Ibizan dog health

Taking care of a dog's health is one thing Necessary, and follow up every Small and big are important His weight, his diet, his strength, his saliva  He heard his eyesight ... especially the meals  Food should be 
regular  And healthy, though The strain is genetically strong except that Most Ibizan hounds suffer  Of diseases, including genetic  And another acquired, deafness disease  Congenital and thyroiditis. 

Eye diseases, and hip diseases All of these diseases are likely  To occur as a result of lack of care  For the dog between the age of 3  Up to 6 months, care should be taken here Severe dog to that  Become an adult dog. Regular visits also help  And intensive for the veterinarian  For routine checks  And control of parasites  Microbes guarantee lives  Long and healthy for the Ibizan dog.

Quick information on the Ibizan Hound

Ibizan dog colors: there are most colors  White, black and mixed  White, black and gray. 

Characteristics of the ibizan dog:
Strong, intelligent, loves to play, loves  Rabbit hunting, it looks beautiful,  His senses are strong, he does not have  Many genetic diseases.

 White ibizan dog: Copy  Much rare but beautiful.

 Black Ibizan dog:
 Also a rare version is distinguished Males are more of this color.

 The cost of an ibizan dog:  Ibizan puppies are very expensive Each in Spain reaches the price of a puppy
  Even $ 1,000 or more.

 Ibizan dog breed: A newly discovered pure strain 1956 Islands Ibiza in Spain.

 Ibizan dog character: Affectionate, compassionate, intelligent, and Sometimes clown however  Severe at a time Distress and hunting.

 Ibizan dog temperament: Fickle at times
 With strangers, but fun to play
 With family, walking and running.