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german shepherd golden retriever

german shepherd golden retriever

Dog golden retriever

Golden Retriever or Golden Retriever dog  Retrievers are a type of pet dog , Is a large breed I used and trained to hunt  They are preemptive retrieval dogs  She was born as dogs A gun to retrieve waterfowl like ducks The golden retriever has an instinctive love  Waterproof, she loves swimming and fishing Inside the water and it is one of the strong dogs Sensually and physically, easy to train on obedience standards The Golden Retriever is a dog Beautiful and easy to breed. 

golden retriever puppies,  It requires care even from a young age  Reaching puberty, these dogs live on  Fun, run, play, and fetch, Swim, and live a life full of vitality But all of this is not free of charge
  Watching out for the golden retriever dog
 From all sides, it's cleanliness and  His health and training since he was a puppy, and  I also take it for hunting at least 3 times A week, not to feel  Lonely and boring routine.

Golden Retriever specifications

That they have golden retrievers dogs  Thick layer, thick hair of color  Golden wavy, big ears You hear more than 5 km,
  Light legs and a strong sense of smell Child-loving and obedient, he uses  To import pioneering, lively and timid, Loves strangers and gets on with people. 

Significantly, the lifespan of a Golden Retriever is 10  Up to 12 years old, it has about 4 color matching  Dark Golden, Cream Light Golden, Medium and Beautiful temperament  Kind, Intelligent, Reliable,
 Trustworthy, Confident, Friendly, The Golden Retriever varies from male to female  And from the little puppy to the dog
  An adult golden retriever. 

the weight of a male golden retriever  From 31 to 35 kg for a dog  The adult female golden retriever is 26  To 33 kg, in case it was  The female golden retriever is pregnant, the
 Her weight increases and reaches 44 kg.
 The height of a male Golden Retriever dog from  57 to 62 cm and the female from  50 to 55 cm long, and that's all In normal situations  To a golden retriever dog, as for
  Its first origin is the United Kingdom.
The golden retriever is a hunting dog
  With distinction and its specifications are almost like Characteristics of the Labrador Retriever dog  The perfect hunting dogs.

How to care for a golden retriever

Grooming a golden retriever is not much different from Other dogs rest, but the Golden Retriever has it Take special care because it is a quick and cheerful dog
  When baiting it must be taken care of more  In eating and health and caring for his hair And his hooves, and where he sleeps and takes him out  From time to time fishing, relative  To take care of the Golden Retriever part  Eating is the most important. 

 You'd better get up By giving Golden Retriever dogs food On a daily basis, at a rate ranging between Two to three cups to be  Divided into two meals, Including its size, which grows continuously And his age group would have been from 3 to 4  Years we advise to pay more attention to his food
  His rate of metabolic activity, the amount of movement he has,  And dogs differ among themselves in the amount  What they eat from food like humans or More because they like red meat  Containing proteins and fats, Make him active and focused throughout the day. 

That concern for the health of the golden retriever dog was organized  His homework deadlines make him the energetic dog  And the lover of its owner, note: to let go  Food in front of him randomly, may lead him  To weight gain, lethargy and exposure to diseases
  Heart and obesity, so we advise  Eating times are organized The growth period for Golden Retriever dogs is from  5 months to 8 months, in this period Her bones grow exponentially for this we advise  Eat healthy, fresh milk and her  Red and white meat.

Common illnesses that affect golden retriever dogs

Dog diseases vary from dog to dog
  Else, there are common diseases known In all dogs, dogs get sick as a resul  Neglect, malnutrition, or treatment Bad for the dog, also conditions and climate Two important factors for a healthy and vibrant dog, Better if you buy dogs  From a reliable farmer not to be Prone to common and infectious diseases. A golden retriever dog develops a bug  In hip dysplasia, or a joint deformity
  The groin is an acquired disease that catches it  As a result of excessive training and sleeping on mattresses  Solid is recommended to sleep and train on the grass  Natural. 

A golden retriever dog develops dysplasia  Elbow or deformity of the elbow joint
It is a hereditary condition that causes joint dysfunction  And his medicine to take good care of dogs from  The regular nutritional aspect. Osteochondrosis and occur  This condition is caused by a spurt in cartilage growth  In the joints of the foot, and it occurs as a result of not  Clipping or not cleaning the dog's nails. 

Progressive retinal atrophy which is a group Of eye diseases that cause deterioration  The gradual retina of the dog's eye, as a result of dust  And insects that revolve around the eye. Redness of the skin, due to an insect
  Microscopic living in dog hair and elimination  Use a counter or bathe the dog every 3 times  A week at least.

Types of golden retriever dogs

The Golden Retriever dog is divided into two  5 types and are Red Retriever puppies: a dog  Some kind of red color, this variety is few And it is abundant in the United Kingdom Craigslist Golden Retriever: Strong
  The structure is brown with strong muscle  Fast and child-friendly
 Golden retriever dogs craigslist: A type that likes to eat and fish Golden Irish puppies; who's beautiful  Dogs are strongly wanted
 Golden Retriever Doodle; This item
He has long hair and ears that hear from a long distance.