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Are Chinese Shar Pei dogs good? chinese shar pei

 shar pei dog

Are Chinese Shar Pei good dogs?

chinese shar pei dog

Chinese Shar Pei Dogs She is a breed of dogs from Southern China, its source The primary country is China, The dog was adopted in Antiquity in Combat, it's special  In the dog he's smart Its appearance is very striking  For attention, we distinguish its appearance With deep and visible wrinkles, No such strain will exist Has fewer wrinkles, Located in Hong Kong , From the characteristics of a dog  Chinese Shar Pei.

 The average life of a dog  From 9 to 12 years old Suspicious, Devoted temperament, Affectionate, passionate and loves to play Patient and intelligent.

 Male height  From 46 to 50 cm long
 And the female from 45 to 49 cm long, has colors  Mixed and mostly mixed Fawn, Lilac, Cream, Sand.
 The Chinese Shar Pei dog  The male is 18 to 26 kg  And the female is 25 to 29 kg.

How much is a Chinese Shar Pei?

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Characteristics of the Chinese Shar Pei dynasty

That personality The behavior of a sharpie dog Chinese Shar, character Energetic, energetic, and nothing to do Overly aggressive, Smart for a score of 95 out of 100 HL dog world excel Vigilant and guarded and Hearing accuracy over long distances, Was used in China for a grazing mission And hunting for its unwinding power Its hunting intelligence, Chinese Char Li dog Dogs love children and Play, it is calm and Ferocious in front of the enemies.

 That side training or Breeding for a drinking dog Chinese on the owner To have known the bloodline Well, because it has personality It requires patience in training  Because it's tough to train In case it is difficult to train The dog is turning to help  Dog Training Service  Near to you.

chinese shar pei puppy

History of the Chinese Shar Pei Dynasty

The age of the dynasty dates back to About 3 thousand years, And this is what proved the DNA, They discovered it was dogs Strong, coarse and hard coat And smooth hair, discover the breed In China, especially in the south China was there in abundance,
 Chinese people admitted Chinese Shan Bi dynasty As a pure and worthy breed
Caring and caring Good for her, they discovered she was a breed Home and watch dogs And for hunting, in addition To be beautiful looking.
 In the thirties of the century In the past, the Shar Pei was Chinese At the height of its popularity and I love it The people of that period, can Seeing a funny animal with folds Funny in every family, The situation has undergone great changes During 10 years. in a That time as it increased The demand for it is more and more.

sharpei bear coat

Chinese Sharp Dog health problems

That drinking dog problems Many Chinese health Genetic ones and acquired ones Every dog ​​must be taken care of With his food, health and training Regular all this helps Get a dog Healthy and vibrant from
Health problems: 

Allergic reactions: occur  Allergy causes Of them, malnutrition caused Not choosing the right foodFor the dog and lack of quality And the result of this goes up Temperatureb The dog swells his stomach And he starts vomiting, for this
We recommend proper food And fresh water.

 Aligning diseases: that Not taking care of the ears Secretions build up In the ears of the shar pei And he begins to get scabies
Hearing may deteriorate He has and affects his headAnd the dog becomes more hostile.
 It occurs as a result of leaving the dog In dirty places and he eats Unhealthy eating, he fell ill Fatigue and weaknessAnd it decreases his food appetite.

Hereditary disease that affects Chinese Shar Pei dog In the first 6 months Of age, for this period Tough must be taken care of With dogs and give him meat Red and creamy milk To strengthen the bones.

 Symptomatic fever:
It occurs as a result of too much Bathing as the dog His skin does not like water very much.

 Eye disease: 
it usually occurs If you do not clean the dog's eyes, Which leads in The end is to evolve operations Inflammatory and even their infection Blindness and lack of vision.

shar pei temperament

Proper nutrition for Chinese Shar Pei

Food must be chosen Accurately fitting your dog High quality food Healthy, in any case from Adverbs Do not buy products Shar Pei is economy class, Because she Harmful to your dog's health Better to buy Food and ho Most suitable for shar pei They are premium elite fodder And super quality. 

 Of course They are more expensive than the budget High price, but guaranteed For a strong dog it contains On the right amount of Vitamins and Minerals  And good fats.

 Additionally, the shar pei, like most dogs from Other breeds, however, cannot In any case To offer fish dish It affects the immunity The dog and his hair fall out Better to offer water Clean drinking  And regular eating, is advised Not leaving food in front of The dog alone, may increase His weight and obesity occur to him Excessive and pathology Lethargy and others.

Take care of a dog chinese shar pei

Take care of your dog very carefully  Important, there are a few things  It must not be forgotten, for example, Pre-cut Shar Pei claws First, it must be carefully examined. So you can see inside  Vein full when  Shearing beware, importantToo not hurt her because she is  Sensitive dogs.

 Teaching dogs an action Healthy from period to period Period and that in months The first is for the dog because it is tough  Very take care of a dog Adult, take care of a shower And clean the ears and a comb  Hair and cut it in an area eyes, dog training
  And its sewing with people to integrate.

Organize training time And eating is important You must always be on it. Teaching such a dog For hygienic procedures from An early age. Unlike that , It will be difficult Very caring for a pet  Adult, because he will fight hard.

shar pei dog price

Quick information about the breed

sharpei bear coat Thick coat, color Brown, red and black, Smooth and thick hair, shape It has many wrinkles. shar pei temperament Good temperament with its owner, however Changing with strangers advises to watch May become aggressive.
 shar pei dog price The price of a dog varies
Shar pei in Chinese cities According to age and Color and mood.

 blue bear coat shar pei Of the most expensive price for dogs Coat color blue, dog Very rare but beautiful
  And it is very much needed.