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white german shepherd and black

 white german shepherd and black

white german shepherd long hair

German Shepherd dog

German Shepherd dog, is a dog  To the chain working dogs great  The size that is distinguished by its smartness and lightness
  In guarding and hunting, where it was born  This strain is in Germany to serve it in
  Big farms, the German peasants were interested  With this strain and trained to hunt and Guarding livestock, and also training them on  Control the sheep on their path in the fields, That German Shepherd dog acts as a strong hand For the German shepherd and farmer.
German Shepherd Dog very much like
All-spec dog (Golden Retriever)

white german shepherd long hair

German Shepherd dog specifications

German Shepherd or German Shepherd dog
  Shepherd is a dog breed that takes its name From her country of origin Germany is the country of origin Him, where it was discovered at the end of the ninth century
  The tenth century AD by Kano Manu herders  They own a lot of livestock, and he is counting  The best dogs in the world in attachment to humans His devotion to him and playing with him and his love for children. 

  The German Shepherd Dog is a lovable dog The people in it have two beautiful types White German Shepherd Dog Black German Shepherd One of the best strains and the bravest it in Protect the herd, from Characteristics of a German Shepherd dog, its height  From 60 to 90 cm long And the average age is from 9 to 12 years As for a maximum of 13 years. 

 His name is German Shepherd, meaning from Germany,  Of his colors (Black Tan) and (Red Black), The temperament of a German shepherd Obedient, Intelligent, Curious, Loyal, Alert,  Confident, Watchful, Courageous, As for his hair, it is thick and prolific, which is his advantage  Beautiful, fun loving and playful,  Burly, skilled, eager hunter  On his owner and his property.

white german shepherd long hair

Eating healthy for a German shepherd dog

When earning a German Shepherd dog,  You acquire a dog that is full of muscles
  Fun, lively and focused And acumen and do not forget the power of hearing and  Smell and sight, and that all of these go  Specifications for German Shepherd Dog on
  Best of all, the secret is nutrition,  Nutrition is the basis for the success and strength of every dog. 

white german shepherd long hair

The amount of food to be supplied depends
 German Shepherd Dog is as big as it is  It varies from age to another, for example, puppies German Shepherd Dogs eat healthy
  Particularly, it relies heavily on milk  Fresh and tender meat rich in protein  And fat, which strengthens Bones of German Shepherd puppies As for every adult German Shepherd  Focus on feeding him a healthy diet  Regular. 

don't leave food in front of him and he gets hit  Laziness and obesity, when seeing  Symptoms should be sent to the veterinarian  To determine the size and number of servings made  The dog needs it, taking care  To drink clean, pure water And to be available to him always because he is a dog  Active and consumes large amounts of water  Take great care  For a German shepherd dog on one hand Proper nutrition, your dog grows healthy and  Be of great benefit.

Common diseases of the German Shepherd dog

All dogs have health problems , Including genetic and acquired ones Another is not to take care of dogs  Care befitting him.
white german shepherd long hair

 Most of them are health problems  German Shepherd Dog suffers from  Some health problems. 

 1) deformities of the hip joint:
 This condition suffers from many Of adult dogs, and this is the result of feeding  Unhealthy, and treated with a complete change of his diet.

 2) Elbow tissue defect:
  This imbalance occurs as a result of the dog sleeping Plenty on hard and cold surfaces A soft, grassy place to practice is recommended  It and slept on it.

 3) stomach expansion:
  That the stomach expands as a result of excessive eating  And leaving food in front of the dog, he does not know  Eating healthy or orderly is a dog The German Shepherd craves everything.

 4) Spinal cord abnormalities:
 That spinal cord abnormalities  German Shepherd Dog due to diseases  Hereditary, treated only with great attention In his movements and not to walk distances  Long, and if it does not produce a result, we recommend By taking the dog to a doctor
  Specialist in dogs.
white german shepherd long hair

Types of German Shepherd dogs

There are many types of sheepdog German, and one of the most famous is the Sheepdog
  White German and black German Shepherd dog They are two beautiful and non-existent types  And their price is very high, they are excellent  With long, wet hair, and at ease In memorizing signs and words Semantic, children's and loving  Play and fun more, as there is  Type Blue German Shepherd, German Shepherd with Long hair, German Shepherd  Husky, German-Czech Shepherd,  Giant German Shepherd And the most expensive price for a German shepherd dog  It is purebred, up to 10 thousand dollars for a trained dog.

white german shepherd long hair