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Labrador retriever is a smart dog, know the characteristics of the breed

Labrador retriever is a smart dog, know the characteristics of the breed

Labrador retriever is a smart dog, know the characteristics of the breed

Get to know Labrador Retrievers

We will get to know the characteristics of the Labrador dog The lifespan is around 10 to 12 years Maximum and in good living conditions Discover the Labrador dog in Newfoundland Moods of a Labrador Dog: 

Kind, Intelligent, Agile, Outgoing, Trusting, Even Tempered, Gentle From the beautiful and light black banner, And silver labrador retriever and yellow labrador retriever And silver labrador Has several colors that are consistent The most beautiful golden labradors Weight ranges for a male Labrador:

28--37 kg, as for
  Female Labrador from 26--31 kg,
 And the height varies from male to female Where the height of the male Labrador  58--61 cm, and female: 55--59 cm.

 Despite the fierce appearance And frightening for this dog, Enjoyed by a Labrador dog ;
 Considered pet dogs, affectionate, And that you feel very loyal to Owners, and love to play with others. 

Labrador retriever is a smart dog, know the characteristics of the breed

Labrador Dog, Labrador Retriever

Or a Labrador Retriever or a Labrador, He is kind of nice dog and Beautiful and belongs to a dog breed Fishing, its primary mission (import), And it means catching frisk from partridge And rabbits, ducks, birds, and others From major, I took good care of him, he hunts And the frisk or bird is brought to its owner. 

Labrador family is one of the most common subspecies Dogs are popular in Canada and the Kingdom The United States and the United States, and  Little of it is found in Germany and France.

Labrador retriever is a smart dog, know the characteristics of the breed

  He has many likable qualities, And a lot of intelligence and ease of memorization Signs, he has a strong sense of smell He can smell frisk at 3 millimeters. Also, it is easy to train cute labrador This makes him an excellent family companion She is also a lover of children.

 cute labrador puppies And cheerful, it requires moderate care And a structured diet to maintain His agility which he uses in stalking But you must know that if not Provide appropriate care, training Labrador dogs, extremely important in Stage, labrador small, can That the consequences be severe and devastating, Enters into a stage of permanent depression, You find him lethargic and sad. 

 We will know Is a Labrador fit to guard, Labrador dogs and their temperament, Colors of Labrador dogs.

Labrador retriever is a smart dog, know the characteristics of the breed

How to care for a Labrador dog

Caring for a Labrador dog, It is always advisable to take good care of dogs Whatever its class or lineage to start with By caring for a Labrador dog, comb The fur of this dog on a daily basis By using the brush or a tool take off  It has all harmful insects to protect it  And to avoid its constant fall.

 A must for everyone who owns a dog  Labrador is to provide him with food, not like everything He is an active dog and a skilled hunter we recommend With proteins, red meat and Fats in small quantities, it also contains  Elements of oils, and protein in a high proportion:

This is in order to support the health of the complexion Sensitive skin.
 Don't forget to also wash and bathe a dog  Labrador weekly or from 10 days, He must also check his ears and hooves And choosing a good type of soap to wash it, Take care of a Labrador dog you will see
 Impressive results in this dog both hunting Or watchdog, (is a Labrador fit for guards). 

  Yes, he has a strong sense of smell and sharp hearing, Or leave him with the children and play with him, And do not forget the powerful memory it possesses in Memorizing people and signs by training them.

Labrador retriever is a smart dog, know the characteristics of the breed

Labrador dog health problems

The health problems of Labrador dogs  Varied and many, and exposed to it As a result of the negligence of its owner, that Labrador dog breed exposed to infection With a number of health problems, including:

 A torn cruciate ligament, Which in turn affects him through Leaving the dog in a cement paved area, For this, the dog must be left on the floor Herbal, to find comfort and His limbs and muscles are improving, to Abnormal elbow growth in his hooves,
 And that grow unusually as a result Idle and sitting a lot. 

dog Labrador loves to run and hunt And constant movement that is idle Makes his nails grow and affect the elbow. 

 Also A deformity occurs in the thigh joint, which is  Makes him not like running and playing and leads to Retinal atrophy and Obesity.

Labrador Retriever Prices

Labrador dogs and their prices (Prices for Labradors) vary  From one region to another, and most importantly The factor in its price is color and age.  

(Labrador puppy price) at some Sometimes it is more expensive than a dog Labrador adult, why? That Labrador Puppy, It is like the white page Trains her however she wants, plus Proper diet, the breeder will be I know what he gives him from his childhood until he grows up.


labrador retriever dog breeds

And its price reaches up to $ 500 a puppy I price (the cost of a Labrador Recovered) up to $ 700  As it is the most expensive color in dogs  It features silver, then comes Next color is chocolate color, Then the blonde color, and the last hua color Black which is the cheapest in between Dog colors, from the types of Labrador dogs: 

labrador german shepherd mix
fox labrador fox red labrador retriever
champagne labrador golden labradors Cute labrador puppies silver labrador. 

Common questions about the Labrador Retriever breed

What is the best age to get a Labrador puppy?

That you want to get a Labrador retriever dog to be healthy, follow the dog's health book, you may find its genetic health problems, and the best age to raise a good dog is 4 to 6 months maximum.

How much food should you give a Labrador puppy?

Choose quantities of food and drink from a dog to another and from Breed to another, it also controls the difference in size and height and age, and don't forget the duration of daily training are all factors that increased add an excessive amount of food and drink. 

Normally, a Labrador retriever eats two meals a day that are high in protein and fat.

What should I expect from a Labrador puppy?

You expect a puppy to be lonely and isolated, he is a smart and sensitive dog, he should be given a lot of time at the beginning of his development and encouraged to pass group exercises with various other dogs.

How much does a Labrador puppy cost in Australia?

Depending on color, age, and Stone, a 4-month-old healthy black Labrador retriever puppy costs a maximum of 500 $ to 1000 $ .