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types of american pitbull terrier

 types of american pitbull terrier

American Pitbull dog

All strains of Pitbull

Definition of a pitbull dog

Pitbull dog, this type of Dogs, burly dogs and Fierce contain a lot of  Muscles, that dog pitbool It is characterized by a width of two shoulders reach  40 cm long, due out  It was raised for use in combat fights
  Among other strong dogs Types of dogs Pitbull, either dog  American Pitbull is a dog  Hybrid and non-purebred, Bulldog mix  American Pitbull, so the rate arrives  His shoulders to 50 cm long.

The origin of the Pitbull dog

The Pitbull dogs have ancient origins. She lived a difficult life in the past  Used in fights together, Even in the late 19th century it began with what Known, canine crossbreeding, pitbull mix  Terrier and Pitbull Bulldog mix, she The process of fusing a dog's DNA  Powerful and huge with smart dogs And quick, and finally get  A strong and intelligent heart, The Pitbull dynasty has its origin  Bulldogs, in the nineteenth century,  Which has been used before  England is a popular sport that
 It's called the dog fighter, where  Pitbulls lived a rough life  And tired, Pitbull dogs are not aggressive  With humans but rather love them, but a bad breeder  A well-bred American pitbull terrier It leads to jitter and harm to others.

Specifications of American Pitbull dogs

The Pitbull is defined as a type of A dog breed that is distinguished by a body
  Strong muscular, strong head and skin  Short and damp, examples are Types of this breed are a Staffordshire dog The famous American, Staffordshire  Paul Terrier and from some specification American Pitbull Dogs. 

 1) American Pitbull size measurements;
 _The height of the male pee dog's height from 46cm to 51
 _The height of the length of the Pitbull Month dog is 45 cm to 50 The average weight of an adult male Pitbull is from 25 to 39 kg. The average weight of the female Pitbull of Petroleum is from 15 to 35 kg
 _Betbool dog lives, average age from 12 to 16 years
 2) Evaluation of external care for dog pitbulls from 1 to 10: Dog saliva 4 to 10
 The rate of hair change is 6 to 10
 _Easy care for hair, skin and showering 8 on 10 Tendency to be overweight 10 out of 10
 3) Acclimatization assessment of the American Pitbull dog breed from 1 to 10:
 _Adapt to hot weather 6 on 10
 _Adapt to cold weather 4 out of 10 Kindness towards children 10 on 10 loves children Friendliness towards dogs 2 out of 10 Friendliness towards strangers 10 on 10, loved by strangers
 _ Evaluation of the breed of American Pitbull dogs

 4) Easy to train the dog:
 Dog intelligence 8 on 10
 The tendency to bark is 6 to 10
 Dog energy level 10 over 10
5) The dog's need for continuous exercise 8 on 10 Dog's tendency to play 9 to 10.
 Pitbull dogs occupy the first place Among the fierce dog species in the world, Which contain different strains of Pitbull,  It is always advised to stay away About her and not to provoke her, because she goes out
 Take control when angry.

The most important characteristics of a Pitbull dog

  The American Pitbull dog breed is distinguished  There are many characteristics, the most important of which are characteristics  Known to dog breeders and others  Only specialized in petpole dog,  As you can not predict his behavior  Among its properties are:

 1) Strong pee:
 Pitbulls have a strong jaw grip  And fierce, it can cut or break a bone Other types of dogs, however  This grip enables him to take control  On his enemy, I used a dog's jaw power  Pee to hunt big game,  Like pig and other animals.
  2) The behavior of a petpole dog cannot be predicted:

 Batbool dogs, dogs that agree with  Strangers, but poorly raised  American Pitbull Terrier breeder  This dog, I have tied it for so long Or hitting him, takes on unusual behavior  Even to its owner, then take notice of his behavior Difficult at times but different  Neurotic different types of strains  Not all Pitbull has a serious reaction,  For example a pure black pitbull, a pitbull  White, black, most of them find them  Beautiful dogs and love children.
 3) urination endures large amounts of pain:

 The Pitbull dynasty has the distinction of being  You can stand the pain, because
  Her strong body structure and strength  Big Muscle, American Weight Pitbull to consume a large amount of  Red meat and fat.

Types of dogs Pitbull

 1) Stafford Shire Bull Terry dog
All strains of Pitbull

 Stafford Shire Bull Terrier dogs are considered One of the most beautiful types of dogs Pitbull  Either from the outward appearance or their relationship  With people, because of his friendly personality   And lively and refreshing, She finds it vital and loves to play with children.
 2) Bull Terry dog:
All strains of Pitbull

 You need Paul Terry dogs One of the types of pitbull dogs, To a lot of love and concern
  From their owner, they are friendly dogs and Brave but stubborn, she does not like
  Extreme heat and harsh cold,  Attractive in appearance, with light hair,  And strong jaw power, but 99 percent peaceful, Not bad reactions.
 3) Stuffler dogs;
All strains of Pitbull

 Stuffler dogs are classified under  Kinds of ferocious Pitbull dogs  Very serious, a must for their breeder  Take care of her more, because she is sensitive,  Don't like to play too much, and anxious and quick  And jitter, you must stay away  Reported as possible.
  4) Colby dogs:
All strains of Pitbull

 Columbian pitbull dogs with personality  Balanced, and since that time has increased  Its popularity is more, the demand for it has become Growing, they are spontaneous dogs.
 5) Mexican Pitbull:
All strains of Pitbull

 A strong dog and you can find in it many colors She loves to walk and play with people.
 6) Spike dogs:
All strains of Pitbull

 Among the types of dogs Pitbull  Friendly, calm, financial and Wonderful, loved by all people, It is believed to be a hybrid breed of dogs of the Delemacy, due to its black and white patched coat.