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Information about Siberian husky dogs, nutrition and Health price and training

Information about Siberian husky dogs, nutrition and Health price and training

Information about Siberian husky dogs, nutrition and Health price and training

Huskies, the best dogs characterized by patience, speed and strong Pike, are accustomed to living in difficult conditions, the Arctic climate. 

From its work towing skis for long distances, it is distinguished by great intelligence and endurance.

Strong Husky dogs

Husky dog

Husky dogs are among the eating mammals Meat in the animal kingdom is considered Dogs are among the pets For humans, which is within the family Canis, which includes wolves and jackals And foxes too, it's called the best A friend to man because he is very loyal to man. 

He has a strong memory for keeping things And remember its owner even if it is absent On him for a long period of time,Long live the Husky In the northern regions, a coyote Husky is differentiated from the sled dog species Other. 

fast pull-style dependent He has to navigate in the snow, Sled connects about 4 Husky dogs, And pull the cart, the Husky dogs Constantly changing across the strain of the fastest Dogs and read them in structure and patience In difficult and harsh conditions. 

Siberian Husky Rare small in hot regions, It endures in harsh conditions Alaska frozen, and acclimatized There it was over the ages.

Husky dog health problems

The husky dog has health problems, including genetic and acquired, there are about 20 diseases and solutions to these diseases through this link. 

Health problems for a husky dog

Husky dog ​​specifications

The Husky dog ​​is distinguished by its strength  And patience, in addition to his beautiful appearance And his wonderful eyes, that the Husky A reliable dog in the regions Northern cold and frigid. 

because  Get immunity to cold and conditions The harsh, used to pull loaded wagons In persons, and this is evidence of his physical strength, Young Husky dogs are also used In the sled dogs race, is done  Keep. 

Husky Dogs As pets at home or In the workplace for guarding or for residence Racing or making tourist trips On sledges drawn by Husky dogs, In light and heavy snow areas. 

Characteristics of the husky dog

Siberian Husky lives about 12 to 16 years old and species Husky, Samoyed, Laska Klee, The Husky Diet Mass 25 kg minimum to 27 Maximum kilograms, and you can find Husky dogs In cold regions it is weaker than Where the mass of the beard compared to a dog Husky in other areas, ie there are decorations and toys.

that the height of a dog husky from 50 cm to 62 cm  Maximum, hoarse dog to jump into Highest 1.5m, Husky Dog Long-haired and Husky dogs  The older she got, the less length her hair was .

Description of the husky dog breed

And the fur color of a Husky dog Gray, black, or white on Almost everyone, and some have signs On the head like a cap or glasses Or the mask. 

as she has blue eyes or Gray and distinctive look from the rest Terriers, distinguished by Husky dogs They are friendly, gentle and intelligent dogs She loves to play with humans, especially children.

What does a Husky dog ​​eat?

Husky dogs, that's a great focus Meat for Husky dogs is meat Fide red in general, differ Meat proteins and hidden fats In it, Husky dogs depend on A balanced diet consisting of Commercial food that can be Buy it from the shops And raw food being from animals Carnivores. 

that change the weather From hot to cold or vice versa Affects his diet, he should Giving Huskies meals In cold weather and intermittent. 

 It is rich in protein and fats In large proportion, it gives a warm crust Less amounts of proteins and Eons, as Husky dogs need To drink water at all times, Husky dogs must be provided with water Infinitely for. 

the preservation Always keep them healthy and hydrated Especially in the cold winter months, And offer water to him in the places that He can access it or place an order. 

Watery Husky dogs do not freeze In it, water, in the event that behavior changes Your Husky to eat, you must Consult a specialist doctor to look into his health condition.

How to take care of your Husky

That take care of dogs and attendance
To clean it and give it food  Healthy, your dog makes you strong and healthy, That the dog's cleanliness makes him graceful And young in the guard, that cleaning Husky dogs  Manifested in:

Cleaning the fur of husky dogs  Brush, comb and remove All mosquitoes and animals Microspheres it, as clipped
Dog dander if necessary. 

Wash the fur of Husky dogs With soap and water continuously and  Regular, it makes the dog clean, Because dirty dogs transmit a lot  From diseases to children.

Common diseases of the Husky dog


Dogs become constipated She behaves unnatural Where she barks without her time, and she barks It has a gentle voice, and constipation is treated Dogs change their diet Out, where we give the dog A food recipe that contains protein More and fats too and you'll see It improved after about one to two weeks.


One of the most prominent symptoms  Canine diarrhea, vomiting, loss Appetite, as well as a rise in temperature, Lethargy, and cramping Dehydration, and bleeding with diarrhea Diarrhea medicine is the radical change. 

For the diet, to help his body To overcome diarrhea He prescribes drugs that relax the intestine.

How to care for and maintain a husky dog

 In even a day, your dog will get better
A week you see a big improvement, that diarrhea increases so see a doctor The best dog specialist. 

Lyme disease:

 Lyme disease is A disease that affects the joints of dogs, And responsible for this disease It is the bacterium Borilla, which is transmitted Through the bites of a tick, among the most prominent symptoms of 

Lyme disease:  

Slow movement of the dog Because of the pain he's in In the joints and find the dog Failure, flaccid, and sad, no longer Vitality and vigor And treatment of Lyme disease It is by using antagonists. 

 Vitality :

 To eliminate bacteria As well as using some hoops Anti-tick, body spray Busy dog, put creams To get rid of tick bites. 


The dog is infected With the tapeworm you are taking from The dog's intestine is their home, and that By swallowing fleas That bites the dog's skin, heals Tapeworm giving The dog has safety flow Which in turn expels those worms. 


 It is a serious disease, And it is transmitted to humans by a way A rabid dog bitten him, and he A viral disease, and among its main symptoms:

 Excessive dog barking, exiting Saliva from his mouth, probably Who gets rabies, then The dog dies for 10 days.

How much does a husky dog cost

Prices for Husky dogs vary:

From one region to another you find a price In a different country and climate The price is different, either the cost is the price Husky puppy be the most expensive price. 

That price is a Siberian husky puppy Up to 1,000 $  per puppy The one, as for dogs  Blends like Husky mix price  Golden Retriever ranges between  $ 800 to $ 1,000 for a dog. 

the Husky Siberian has its price range Be different, the Husky The Siberian is the most expensive dog even $ 2000 for a dog, Husky purebred puppy price is between 500 to 800 dollars but this Class of puppies is deficient and not It exists in large quantities, and it remains Husky dog ​​the most expensive dog.

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